Hazim – My 2009 KPI

I was away for my Secretaries Luncheon yesterday when my son called.

He said ecstatically, he got this.. 🙂


I was overwhelmed with joy and tears.

Like I said in my previous posting about him achieving ‘this’ result in his exam is rewardly amazing – to both me and him. We both came a very long stretchful days movitivating, revising and studying. His result may not be as good as what it supposed to be ‘yet’, but God Willing if he continues to do his revisions and studies consistently like what he is doing nowadays, I know in my heart for sure that he can go even far beyond than what he has achieved to-date.

So anyway, I rushed home as soon. Both me and him were indeed in a celebratory mood yesterday.

As I reached home, I shook his hand. His hand was strong and there was a smile on his face. I kissed him on his forehead with a never ending doa in my heart and we both were engaged in this lecture session (hmmmm… 😀 as usuall?? )

Muka anakanda-ku semasa di lecture oleh ku 😀


Before I actually rewarded him with this. His dream Sony slide phone.. (Dah lama dia mengidam nak pakai telefon slide la konon..).


Its nothing much. But his record book that he brought home yesterday with number ‘1’ on it, is indeed a great achievement for me personally and him utmostly.

Congrats darling. Ibu is so proud of you, not to mention your dad and the rest of your bros and sis-s. Long way to go eh 😀

8 Replies to “Hazim – My 2009 KPI”

  1. Tahniah to abg ngah!!! u hav done us proud! at least to yr ibu & ayah….

    Wahhh…dpt sony slide phone lagi…..

    btw, i leh dpt tak??? 🙂


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