April celebrates…

Its April again.  And April celebrates  some very important persons in my life 🙂

April’s birthday celebration starts with my very own beloved sis-in-law fondly known as Untie Ya to my juniors… She celebrates her birthday today on the 6th of  April.

😀 She however, needs to remain anonymous ..

(Therefore, kita ‘blur’ kan sedikit gambar dia ok …hikhik)


Then, on the 7th April that is tomorrow :D, we celebrate joyfully Ilya’s birthday as she turns 13… Ilya  is my dear friend, Noryn’s cute second daughter.. this is her..


 And this lovely anak sedara of mine, I’ra will celebrate hers on the 11 April..


.. and she bakes cakes nowadays.  Honestly, super delish !! For the last Sarah’s birthday, I odered two pieces of cakes from her and worth my every single penny.. drop me an email if you want to try ay 🙂 (sempat lagi promo..)

And lastly but never least,  this gentleman below is my juniors’ favourite guy-on-the-block  (next to their dad of course 😀 ). No other than their one and only Pak Su who will celebrate his birthday on the 17th April.  My bro-in-law who has always been around on our needy days.

Himself  in his macho pose???$$3#25t 😀


With this entry coming to its end, May Allah showers His love. May Allah, The Most Kind and The Most Merciful also grants you guys good health, good money 🙂 and happiness. Amen…

Happy Birthday guys.. muahs muahs muahs.  From me and beloved family in 2/23.

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