My boy, my aspiration

This is my first boy and me, taken quite recently during one of our outing.  Membelek gambar nih, then I realized, gosh am I getting shorter or he is the one who is getting taller?? Hmm…


This boy, punyalah susah nak diajak bergambar.. its like a curse for him and if I did manage to snap one of him-pun, he will do-lah his faces and bla bla.

So anyway, I just have to write this post about my son 🙂

He is twelve and sitting for his UPSR this year. Being a boy, he has always been the playful one.  Just never concentrates on anything, what more his books or such.  I realllllllllllllyyyyyyy had a tough time dealing with him when it comes to school and stuff compared to my first born, Miza who has always been such a darling when it comes to school.

So anyway, with the blessing from The One above and his own DETERMINATION and HARDWORK… from a ‘C’ student in his previous tests and exams.. he is now an ‘A’ student.. Alhamdulillah syukur.  Allah indeed has His plans ay…

And of course, need to mention here as well – after a mountful of ‘membebel’ sessions 😀 from the Queen Mother ay..hikhik.  Hey, it worked rite??

In his most recent exam, he scored 3 A’s and 2 B’s ..

Gosh my darling son.. you truly aspires…. for me at least… kalau hendak seribu daya eh.. But like from the most bottom of heart sayang… you are the best!!!

Errr…. Malaysia Boleh 😀 and this is indeed a true mother story kay.. No April Fool one.  Only fools rejoice April’s Fool 😀 ..

2 Replies to “My boy, my aspiration”

  1. Assalamualaikum..yeah..A student tuh..Tapi..Miza darling student eh??haha..Miss u Ibu..kem salam sumer..archery ok..nanti kite call..


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