You’re BUSTED !!!

Ini adalah Projek Top Secret ‘Puan Pengerusi’ dan tali barut beliau, wa tak ada kena mengena. Larikkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Atas-atas sebab keselamatan yang perlu diperketatkan, saya telah ‘diarahkan’ untuk mem-blur-kan gambar ini walaupun ianya diterima dengan quality yang amat jelas.

Ibu-ibu mengandung atau sesiapa yang mempunyai penyakit  jantung atau yang seangkatan, dinasihatkan agar mundur… akibatnya mungkin vital..

Here it is..


Misi Jebon 007 kali ini ialah agar ‘pasangan’ ini tampil ke muka pengadilan, bertanggungjawab dengan segala perbuatan mereka dan BERKAHWIN!! (alhamdulillah).

Until this mission is accomplished, Puan Pengerusi akan terus ‘meng-harrass’ saya dan hari ini, saya tiba-tiba tersedar satu perkara – BAHAYA TUL JIKA KEKAWAN ANDA ADALAH BLOGGERS. YOU MIGHT WANT TO STAY AWAY… 😀

*nota kaki

Gambar adalah ihsan dari sumber-sumber yang sedang ‘membuncit’ 😀

911 !! (The Sequal)


😉 golek golek pecah perut nih. Tak tahan tengok hero hindustan yang kat belakang dua orang tuh. Hahahahahaha.

But thing is, Hani personally has always believe – we are today for who we were yesterday…

Cukur Jambul & Pesta Buku

Im posting some delayed telecast today. Tidak ada siaran langsung for the past few days since everybody in the family was away with flu 😀  My girls, Sarah and Syaza had it first, then Razin. Last-last kena lah pulak kat saya.. Ish.  But today, Alhamdulillah semua dah okay. The girls are back to school and I am back, feeling much better to work.

As I was saying earlier, the delayed telecast is this. On Saturday last, 18 April 2009, our Layla Sukayna (anak buah Hani ler nih, anaknya si Anjang) had her cukur jambul.  Meriah sungguh the kenduri that morning with the Marhaban and all.

It has been quite awhile since we attended any majlis cukur jambul. Sarah was overjoyed with all the hiasan that they did to the buai and snapped some photos. Lets share them.




Later in the evening on the same very day, daddy took the whole batalion and myself to the Pesta Buku in PWTC. Huge crowd. My juniors were super thrilled and astonished looking at the tons of books there. Hmmm.. dan sememangnya ‘berpesta’ sungguh la budak-budak itu semua membeli dan membelah all sorts of books there. Sori eh dad.. 😀

The best part was, we took the LRT to PWTC.  Dan, seperti orang jakun budak-budak itu bila naik LRT. Razin went and embarrased me right in the middle of the crowd in the LRT, when he screamed, “Ibu look! ada bas lagi satu kat sebelah”…

My poor boy! 😀 (LRT di sangkanya bas)…. hahahha.

Hazim – My 2009 KPI

I was away for my Secretaries Luncheon yesterday when my son called.

He said ecstatically, he got this.. 🙂


I was overwhelmed with joy and tears.

Like I said in my previous posting about him achieving ‘this’ result in his exam is rewardly amazing – to both me and him. We both came a very long stretchful days movitivating, revising and studying. His result may not be as good as what it supposed to be ‘yet’, but God Willing if he continues to do his revisions and studies consistently like what he is doing nowadays, I know in my heart for sure that he can go even far beyond than what he has achieved to-date.

So anyway, I rushed home as soon. Both me and him were indeed in a celebratory mood yesterday.

As I reached home, I shook his hand. His hand was strong and there was a smile on his face. I kissed him on his forehead with a never ending doa in my heart and we both were engaged in this lecture session (hmmmm… 😀 as usuall?? )

Muka anakanda-ku semasa di lecture oleh ku 😀


Before I actually rewarded him with this. His dream Sony slide phone.. (Dah lama dia mengidam nak pakai telefon slide la konon..).


Its nothing much. But his record book that he brought home yesterday with number ‘1’ on it, is indeed a great achievement for me personally and him utmostly.

Congrats darling. Ibu is so proud of you, not to mention your dad and the rest of your bros and sis-s. Long way to go eh 😀

Hello guys.

Ini adalah projek terbaru Hani. Dan di atas permintaan ramai 😀 , Hani pertontonkan hasilnyer yang begitu indah.

Nama projek ialah  Have a look please.




Nice ay :).  Untuk imej-imej yang lebih jelas, sila lah ke 2/23. Ahaks

Rynn’s Soul Journey

I missed the scheduled lepak session with my buddies yesterday.

.. And am deeply sad and sayu as I am writing this post. 😦  My dearest friend, Rynn eventually has been blessed to visit the Holy Land and her soulful journey will be on this Sunday, 12 April 2009.

InsyaAllah though, God Willing,  me and few close friends will be sending her at the airport on Sunday.

And before she actually leaves …

All my praise belongs to Allah and may Allah exalt the mention of Muhammad SWT, his family and companions and all those who follow him with the proper understanding until the Last Day. As, I felt incredibly fortunate. Words could not even describe the immense amount of gratitude I felt in my heart for Allah, The Most Kind and Merciful for Rynn has been blessed to visit the Holy Land at this age and she is all healthy, but at the same time feeling sad because I don’t know when will be my time.  May Allah (subhaanahu wa ta’aala) incline all our hearts towards making hijrah to this blessed place soon, Amen..

Both me and Rynn spoke and cried profusely too many times on the phone these past few days, sharing.  Hmm… Just leave your worries all behind and concentrate on your coming journey darl.

 May Allah give you tawfiq and peace.