From Out-Er Space

They’d say, it is just some dreams… I would say, some dreams one can pursue and own it !

Read on guys…

My son told me at the wee hour today as we were waiting for his school van that I got a package. I got home quite late last night and was only told about it this morning.

As I opened it, I screamed my heart out !! as this is what arrived in the letter box for me..


The author for the book, Chaizani a.k.a Khoja is my classmate and a dear friend, always has and forever will be.  We both hailed from the very same school in Kelantan and this book  is her very own first piece and proudly carries the title – From Out-er Space !!

Gosh Khoja, if  only you know how proud I am just to be your friend right at this very moment !

Some dreams ay. Congrats darl!!! Tons and tons of it…

And uhuk uhuk… 😦 , this is what she wrote on her acknowledgement page… My Subuh today has eventually became an emotional and teary one for me…


… as she deliberately dedicated her book to me..  errrr… notice my name there? ehem ehem.

So my gentle and dear readers, apa lagi… please and do get a copy guys.

I have started reading it, and like honestly speaking, so far, I feel it is indeed a worthy piece. Until the page that I am currently reading, it is leisurely fun written by her, yet very well collaborated and wonderfully expressed.

This would be an interesting light reading for me..

Are you getting one? 😀

4 Replies to “From Out-Er Space”

  1. Hi… sorry to post this so late but I’ve only just seen your page Ha.. hehehe.. sorry.. anyway, yes the book is sold in Singapore. In fact, it came out in Singapore even before it was released here in Malaysia


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