Warkah Buat Teman (Bahagian II)

21 March 2009

Dear Rynn,

21 March is here again ay.  Let us both while joyfully celebrates your birth day today, put our hands syukur to Allah SWT, The Most Kind and Most Merciful,  for all that belongs to us today 🙂  We are the blessed ones afterall and amen to that.

A year after last, loads has taken place, and Im as usually clueless of where to begin to wish you all the love on this wonderful day.  You might still be in in search of your true happiness and I am very sure and praying hard that soon it will be wrapped all over you. Amen…

A journey would seemingly far and hard at times, rest if you must sayang but dont you quit 🙂 Experiences gathered along that journey would be a valuable heritage that carry the weight of whoever we are today and would be passed on for generations!

Be happy and smile to the world darl !! Go ahead and have a fabulous birthday !!

And anyway darl, especially for you today, hear this out..  – We are like teabags really, whose true strength comes out when we’re put in hot water. So when problems upset you, just think,  YOU must be God’s favourite cup of tea ! 😀

Much love,

Honey Bee :).. and perhaps Sherry, Zana & Adique ?? hikhik.

*ps.. pecah kata pecah gelas, sudah baca tuh, pandai -pandai lah balas yer… hikhik.

6 Replies to “Warkah Buat Teman (Bahagian II)”

  1. owh.. m so touched to read this piece for our dearest Rynn.. true indeed.. never quit in d search to find happiness of our own.
    n tq dear Ha for the whole day of makan2 session and thanks to all for the precious frenship.. 🙂


  2. My Everdearest sweetest friends…m not good with words but u gals are the BEST and TRUE sis to me..thank you,thank you, thank you ..zillion thanks… d fabulous + fantastic + awesome birthday party ever at Ha’s residence 🙂 thanks again for d surprise pulut kuning…lurve it so much…thanks ALL…ALLAH Bless U n stay healthy k..p/s sorry lambat balas..almaklum faham2 aje laa…SAYANG SOKMO DEH…


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