Sepetang di rumah Sherry

Hari yang begitu indah 😀 

Saturday last, my buddy, Sherry invited us (errrr…. or is it the other way round?? – we invited ourselves???  😀 hmmm) to her nest for makan-makan, lepak-ing session untuk mengemukkan diri. Ahaks.

As I expected, she would surely prepared my favourite Kuih Chara. Like honest guys, I have tested this kuih here and there, especially during ramadhan, but hers is the best of the best !! the amount of daging she puts in the kuih – simply out of this world !!!

Here it is…. her super delish yummy yummy (I think I finished almost half the mangkuk.. seriously)


If Chara was the dessert, these were the lauk-pauk that she prepared for us … terubuk bakar, sambal tempoyak, kerabu jantung pisang, ayam masak kicap.. bla bla.. list went on and on.


and, 😀 this is us – yang obviously kenyang membuntal leisuring watching Slumdog Millionaire… accompanied by bergelas-gelas kopi yang sungguh sedap itu…


What an amazing time we had really.

I tell you …. what more in life that you want?? next to good family, good food and good friends???  None ay.

Thanks babe !!

9 Replies to “Sepetang di rumah Sherry”

  1. Salaam.
    Wow! Delicious. let me guess…your friend hails from Perak. The tempoyak is a dead give away. Luv terubok bakar too. Better if cooked in assam pedas. Totally divine. i think i’ll masak-masak this week-end when i travel to Perak to visit the in-laws. Already dreaming of the tempoyak…..


  2. Naik 2.5 kg, pas tuh tak turun-turun tau. hahahahha 😀
    As for my dearest Shahi here, yup Sherry is indeed Perakian. Ask me, I think tempoyak should be in one of ‘The Seven Wonders of The World’ 😀


  3. wei..korang..ini mmg mkn x hengat diri punya x pe la..with you all punya size, 2.5kg apa la sgt…lain la i nie…huhuhu…


  4. Baru ari ni sempat baca ur the mouth watering kuih chara.. one of my favorita.. and cant wait to taste the nasik arab plak after this.. hihihi


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