Sarah’s Birthday_At The Park

My baby here is an birthday addict.  And she would normally have few rounds of birthday celebration. For starters it was, we had one yesterday. This time round, we decided to have it at the park !!

We got her a mouth-watering Marble Cheese Cake, some food and fruits and headed to taman yesterday. Her beloved Mak Usu and untie were also there joining us.

We, InsyaAllah will have a proper birthday ‘do’ for her soon when her eldest kakak is back from her boarding school. Till that day it is,  it was a new birthday do, what we had yesterday in the park – but the fun and the laughter was indeed the same !!

Happy Birthday my darling.. my princess is now officially 8 !! 😀






9 Replies to “Sarah’s Birthday_At The Park”

  1. Jemput satu kampung nampak?? Betul mcm PRINCESSS!!!! Celebrate 7 hari 7 mlm ke??? hehehee…..

    btw, cant help noticing hw sexy u’re!!!! 🙂


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