How To Wish My Princess?


I was awaken from my sleep days ago
And you came to my mind
As your birthday is nearing
And that  I have been thinking
In the most possibly way

Of what to say and how to  wish you
As my princess turns eight today

I was fussing and tossing
Thinking how do I wish a Princess?
What do I say to a Princess?
What do I buy for a Princess?
As my beautiful Princess turns eight? 🙂

I actually have the complete ryhmes
And I have endless stack of tiers
Of words and phrases
Whistled in my head, breathed in my soul
Of how to wish you on your birthday

However my darling,
How do I entice them for a Princess?
How do I express them to a Princess?
That the Princess would understand
The elated feeling and emotion
Of her one and only mother queen? 😀

I then decided on this lullaby ….

“Happy birthday my love, my Princess
As you asked me the other day
Am I really a Princess Ibu?
And here is my answer to you today
You may never be the Princess to some castle sayang
But forever you are the Princess in my heart !! ”

Ibu hopes that wraps up your birthday at least for today ay 🙂

Ibu @ March10,2009

4 Replies to “How To Wish My Princess?”

  1. Happy Birthday dear Princess..wishing u all the best and beautifull things in life b with u always..
    Hugs n Kisses – meliaTheWhite


  2. our usual thank you untie
    ure always the first to wish ay
    muahs muahs
    Insyallah God willing, I m doing a ‘do’ for her on the 21st
    its a MUST to attend tau


  3. insya’ALLAH, hehehe.. seeing u i mean.. meeting u is like.. once in a ‘blue’ moon.. so near n yet too far..hihihihi..


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