Happy Birthday Damia !


She is three today @ 6 March 2009.  She is like my very own and seen up there with my son Ajin Piji. These two, bergaduh bertekak tak ingat dunia, but almost about at the same time, ke hulu ke hilir bersama !

My loveable niece, Damia Qaisarah celebrates her birthday today with all my doa and prayers for her to be a good Insan.  I am sure you and your brother a.k.a Eusoff Ammar alongside with your mommy and daddy will have a blastful celebration today ay 🙂

Hug and kisses from ibu and batalion in 2/23 😀  May Allah, The Most Kind and The Most Merciful watches over you sayang.

Read up her mommy’s HERE .

2 Replies to “Happy Birthday Damia !”

  1. hehe…mana tak asyik gaduh ngan ajin piji,sy sibuk nak berandong masa tu…awak lak yg terberandongkan razin dulu..haha.but for sure kalu lama tak jumpa razin,she will ask abt him.


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