My Tous

Have you, ever wanting something sooooooooooooo much that you just cannot take it out from your head. Can’t sleep, can’t eat…. bla.. bla…  tidur tak berapa lena… hehehe.

Having had series of  sleepless nights, errrr like me perhaps ?? 😀 (Guilty!!) 

What was it? That my heart and head want so much?..

Here it is.  Been with me for awhile already now and God it felt good… to have something that your heart and soul been longing…

My very own Tous…


Alhamdulillah…, hah now baru la lena tido wa… 😀

From Out-Er Space

They’d say, it is just some dreams… I would say, some dreams one can pursue and own it !

Read on guys…

My son told me at the wee hour today as we were waiting for his school van that I got a package. I got home quite late last night and was only told about it this morning.

As I opened it, I screamed my heart out !! as this is what arrived in the letter box for me..


The author for the book, Chaizani a.k.a Khoja is my classmate and a dear friend, always has and forever will be.  We both hailed from the very same school in Kelantan and this book  is her very own first piece and proudly carries the title – From Out-er Space !!

Gosh Khoja, if  only you know how proud I am just to be your friend right at this very moment !

Some dreams ay. Congrats darl!!! Tons and tons of it…

And uhuk uhuk… 😦 , this is what she wrote on her acknowledgement page… My Subuh today has eventually became an emotional and teary one for me…


… as she deliberately dedicated her book to me..  errrr… notice my name there? ehem ehem.

So my gentle and dear readers, apa lagi… please and do get a copy guys.

I have started reading it, and like honestly speaking, so far, I feel it is indeed a worthy piece. Until the page that I am currently reading, it is leisurely fun written by her, yet very well collaborated and wonderfully expressed.

This would be an interesting light reading for me..

Are you getting one? 😀

Nenda dan Anakanda Puteri


Anakanda Puteri
Dikala ketika kamu tiba
Menongkah harapan Datuk dan Nenda
Beras kunyit menyambutmu mesra
Jelas benar tawa dan bahagia mereka berdua
Keranamu penyambung zuriat Datuk dan Nenda

Anakanda Puteriku
Pantas sungguh waktu kecilmu berlalu
Pasti Datuk dan Nenda mendoakan mu selalu
Agar kamu yang suatu dulu mereka pangku
Membesar menjadi khalifah yang jitu

Anakanda Puteri
Pasti datang saat dan hari
Bila mereka akan berlalu pergi
Meninggalkan kamu meratap sepi
Namun jangan sedetik terluput dihati
Pada Datuk dan Nenda yang kamu cintai

Anakanda Puteri
Suatu masa nanti bila kamu ke sini lagi
Mungkin merindu dan pasti mencari
Renungkanlah jauh ke dalam diri
Dari Datuk dan nendamu, kamu temukan jati diri
Tanpa mereka, kamu tiada di sini dan berdiri…
Teguh tegap dan menjadi serikandi…

Ibu, March 2009

Some Birthdays…

Date        :      21 March 2009
Day         :      Saturday
Time       :      Lunch till unlimited
Event     :      Birthdays…

It was her day, her party..


… her birthday


… Damia’s birthday…


..errrr and her birthday? 😀 ….


… we hence, celebrates…


.. ouch.. ouch..ouch…. 😀



My bro, my photographer, my right hand man… kepenatan..

sarah_7 lil Sis & my Pak Itam.. – my life saver !!


Our Layla Sukayna at two months old !!


…my buddies, my strength !!

sarah_9 everybody leaving… thank you guys !!



Warkah Buat Teman (Bahagian II)

21 March 2009

Dear Rynn,

21 March is here again ay.  Let us both while joyfully celebrates your birth day today, put our hands syukur to Allah SWT, The Most Kind and Most Merciful,  for all that belongs to us today 🙂  We are the blessed ones afterall and amen to that.

A year after last, loads has taken place, and Im as usually clueless of where to begin to wish you all the love on this wonderful day.  You might still be in in search of your true happiness and I am very sure and praying hard that soon it will be wrapped all over you. Amen…

A journey would seemingly far and hard at times, rest if you must sayang but dont you quit 🙂 Experiences gathered along that journey would be a valuable heritage that carry the weight of whoever we are today and would be passed on for generations!

Be happy and smile to the world darl !! Go ahead and have a fabulous birthday !!

And anyway darl, especially for you today, hear this out..  – We are like teabags really, whose true strength comes out when we’re put in hot water. So when problems upset you, just think,  YOU must be God’s favourite cup of tea ! 😀

Much love,

Honey Bee :).. and perhaps Sherry, Zana & Adique ?? hikhik.

*ps.. pecah kata pecah gelas, sudah baca tuh, pandai -pandai lah balas yer… hikhik.

14 March – we got a birthday to celebrate?


People say its just numbers.

I’d say,

On your birthday,
I wish for you the fulfillment
of all your fondest dreams
I hope that for every candle
on your cake
you get a wonderful surprise

I wish for you that
whatever you want most in life
it comes to you
just the way you imagined it
or perhaps only better

I hope you get as much happiness
from our friendship as I do
I look forward to
enjoying our friendship
for many more of your birthdays

I’m glad you were born 🙂
because you brighten my life
and fill it with so much laughter 🙂
Have a lovely Birthday my dear !