My beloved boss birthday & A Compilation

28 February – no other than my boss, Adnan’s birth day  –  a man who just will never thwart you at anything – to advance in both social life and working life definitely.  My special birthday wish for him, may all the dreams will soon be yours ay.

This year, Leisure & Lifestyle embark on a special mission for a boss as lovely and special as him 🙂

Interesting mission really, but not to bore you to read them, this is the result. My kudos to my Art Director 🙂 , no other then our FND – remarkable result. We love it to the max man…

And, here it is – the birthday CD compilation – The 90 Percenter !! ahaks.  The CD enlists songs from each one of us – tediously and especially chosen and sang for the birthday boss.

Oh wait wait, you guys never heard of 90 Percenter? hmmmm okay jom… – these are the member of the band 😀 in random order…

No other then FND..


Lead on drum – QAF


ahaks.. Yours Truly a.k.a Hani 🙂 – mata duitan sungguh perempuan ini.. hahahaha.


Our Asnizan a.k.a AS


(ketawa golek-golek) my CK..


Our crook for the project Suhaimi


Our new gurl in the block – Maya


Our gurl who Manages – Zura


Another gurl who Manages – the hottie Aien 🙂


Meet Irving


And aw aw aw , the results… 😀 … THE COMPILATION !! dapatkan di store-store muzik berhampiran anda… hikhik.


Happy birthday again boss, hope you had a good ‘surprise’ and good food yesterday ay…

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