My Spaghetti and A Birthday

It has been quite a while since I last cooked my ‘famous’ spaghetti (famous ke ??hehehe) 😀 . Too much of other things to be done, itu lah pasalnya.

So anyway, over the last weekend, since it was my beloved anak-anak sedara punya birthday, yours truly telah ‘merajinkan diri’ dan memasak spaghetti itu. Hmmm, as usual- lah eh 😀 ahaks. Terharu-nyer I bila habis  spaghetti tuh sumer and I am glad that I cooked it for them.

Want to see some photos? Again, from my mobile it is..

Ehem ehem. Thank God gambar gelap. Hahahahah – al maklum gambar sensored. Hikhik


Bukan nak isi bakul angkat sendiri ay – but meleleh air liuq nih.


This is our birthday gurl for that day – Arisya Sufiya


And this is our birthday boy – Adam Suffian


Hope you both had a good birthday ay. Muahs love ya.

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