Bumbu Bali

Cathcy ay.

You probably have heard of this tempat makan. Me included. Dengar dah banyak kali, sampainya yang tidak 😀  Hence, only few days ago, Hani finally sampai akhirnya ke sana for a dinner.  Lokasi nya adalah di Bandar Puteri Puchong, Giant supermarket sana. 

My first impressian – wow not too bad.

The atmosphere was not 100 % Bali, sekali pandang macam that typical restaurant that serves Chinese, but pandang berkali-kali, then I can see the touch of Balinese ambience here and there.  One thing for sure, if you go there dinner time, definitely you need to take the number and queue. From the number of families and people queueing, one can tell – they serve nice food.

The waiting was actually quite a bore, but the waitress were warm and polite, so kira kaw-tim lah dengan penantian yang sungguh membosankan itu 🙂

Indeed the meals were ‘sehingga menjilat jari’, orang putih kata finger linking good?? Some Indonesian food that I personally hardly go for actually, but only ended to love the food and their sate get my most thumbs up. Over there in Bumbu Bali, they call it sate lilit. Cutenye.

These are some gambar that I snapped with my mobile. Mind the quality 🙂


This is the place.


This is one of the signature appetizer – Campur-Campur Tiga, indeed tiga jenis that serves the super nice, Sate Lilit, Chicken Wings and Sotong Goreng. Delish nyum-nyum, sungguh indah rasanya.

 Each portion is reasonably huge, easily fits the stomach of probably four people?


This is what I ordered for myself 🙂 – Nasi Campur Bumbu Bali. I super loving the grilled sotong and prawns. Take extra special note on the sambal guys – gosh outta this world babes ..!!


Oh this one as well, the sauce is incredibly nice, nama dia Chicken & Beef Combo – consists of two, chicken and beef-lah.

(Kecur air liuq den nih… ahaks).

Oh guys, I tell  you, conclusion dia satu jer – MUST GO !!! 🙂 The price on the menu is reasonably affordable. Berbintang-bintang star I reward this tempat makan.

Nice place, friendly and warm people, great food – what more you want in life ay 😀

10 Replies to “Bumbu Bali”

  1. i have been to this place ages ago (masa mula2 buka dulu) indeed mmg sedap the food..if not forgotten.. u shuld try the Bumbu Chicken… mmm ada lagi kaa menu tuh.
    yup this place is worth going, worth eating and mcm2 worth lagi lah..hehehe


  2. mmm.. ramai interested nih, happening nih if kumpul ramai2…but most of us working semua jauh2 kan.. mayb saturday is d best day to meet.. let say 1st week of march i.e. 7th March.. wat say ols?


  3. Asalamulaikum Hani. Look delicious…mesti nak ajak hubby p try. Anyway Hani, thank you for being there with us. Really appreciate it. Say thanks to Jamie as well. Finally baru this week we manage to continue our life as usuall. It is never the same….and will never be the same. I a missing him like crazy. Tak tahu dari mana datangnya kekuatan ini, zahirnya seems normal, but deep inside ALLAH saja yang tahu. I am releasing everything into my blog, http://www.umufifiz.blogspot.com. Not as catchy as yours but I can learn from you kan…Thank you again and wasalam. Azlin.


  4. W’salam wbth,
    What an honour really to have you visiting
    Both me and Jamie were glad we made that trip to your house
    As a gesture of our heartfelt sadness and being there
    in your time of need
    I will surely link ur lovely blog to mine soon
    I am glad things are getting smoother on your end there with beloved family
    My salam to the girls
    Please keep in touch


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