Sarah & Syaza – Autograph anyone? :)

There is this story that I need to cut short in story-telling, but indeed very important. Too important in fact 🙂

My girls, Sarah and Syaza are doing something big in their little life currently 🙂 . I must say, the experiences that they have gained throughout this whole event has tremendously improved their communication and interaction skills, not to mentioned that it has also increased their confidence level. People skills it is.

As a mother, I know Im so blessed for them. Alhamdullillah.

Last Saturday, 14 February 2009 was the day for them. They have been counting days to do this, really. Me?? erks worst la of course. We lasted for hours and hours in the studio doing a product shooting on that day.  Penat but we had huge fun eh girls. The team was great. They are the best.

But anyways, this supposedly to be treated highly confidential until the product is launched officially soon. My promise is that, I will reveal details once it has been launched 🙂 But for now, these are some snaps of my beautiful princessess – both dangdut (Sarah) and the rocker (Syaza) 🙂 that I curi-curi snapped that day.

In case you are wondering, food for your curiousity today is that – my girls will come out with one product very soon. Tunggukan kemunculan mereka di akhbar-akhbar utama anda 😀 Ahaks.

And girls, just in case Ibu forgot to mention this the other day, I am so proud of you both ! Always have and always will.  You are the most adorable gurls and I love you so hugely much – infinity.

These are them. Surprise.. surprise…

This is my girls’ favourite part of all – THE MAKE UP SESSION  🙂


My Dangdut Princess – Sarah Kay



My rocker Princess – Syaza Ir 🙂

Below are the gambar behind the camera yang berjuta tuh 🙂 yang Hani curi-curi snap – I guess I am the most excited afterall eh. hehehe





My two artistes after seharian bekerja, ice cream treat it is !! 🙂


With those,  like I said.. tungguuuuu… 😀

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