Happy Birthday Arisya!!


This hugg-ly cutey here is my anak sedara, Arisya Sufiya.  She wonderfully turns FIVE today ! 🙂

On this beutiful day, ibu and my whole batalion would like to sing a birthday song to Arisya and wish you happy birthday.  May Allah, The Most Kind and The Most Merciful showers you will all His love and blessings for you to be the good insan, InsyaAllah.  Its a tough world out there for someone as beautiful and as comel as you.  Watch your steps darling. Always.

And, most importantly, on one sunny bright day not far from today, when you are into reading and all, do drop by here at my Somethin’ Light and know this with your heart kay – next to your mommy, you will accountably forever would have ibu ay 🙂 for anything at all it is..

We love you and have a fabulous celebration today sayang  🙂 

Hmm… wadya u want darl?

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