X-llent people

I am back. Ahaks feels forever 🙂

Anyways, it is not every other day that we meet good people in our life eh. What more the excellent one 🙂 –  with qualities… ehem ehem if you know what I mean ay 😀 I think they are just simply rare.

Well, must be my lucky day then huh. I met one recently. This is him and his partner a.k.a buddy??, Mustaq Sire.


If he is still reading my crap here 🙂 , for starters you actually reminded me so much of this one person that I adore so hugely much – who I fondly call Sir Halim Ismail, he was my guru cum BI lecturer way back to our college days many many years back.

Apart from it and on the most top of everything – personally and not bodek-ing 😀  I think you are just naturally good – both at heart and work.  And JT? gosh he is just super fun and amazingly interesting.  I dont know about the rest, but I had the time of  my life – learning and leisuring…

Keep up the good work guys and hey melepak is still on huh?  My kudos.

Least but never last, Happy Birthday Happy Birthday today to my loveliest sis – ZANA who turns ehem ehem 😀 today. May Allah grants all your wishes and savour the moment sis – like I said in my sms to you early today – owe you one lunch it is. Hence, it was so good to see you the other day during Sherry’s 😀 Lama sungguh rasa tak berjumpa 😦

And to another dear and wonderful friend who is soon travelling to China for some office matters, come back alive eh.  Take good care of you 🙂

With all these lovey lovey notes, feels great to be back 🙂

5 Replies to “X-llent people”

  1. juz read ur blog today dear, not feeling very well lately, well as d President said, being upgraded to d 4 series needs to do some overhaulin’….stressful organs need to be relaxed.. hahahahaha
    niway’ thanks for the wishes…luv u olls


  2. Ni yang kawe sedih do’oh. Kalu saing demo si Zana ko, Si Sherry ko, Si Rynn ko for sure sumo dapak ucape naik series , 3 series ko, 4 series ko…tapi kawe hok doh 4.2 series baghu nih demo lupo….

    Kawe tangkap sayu pasa tahun lepah kawe dapat poem waktu 4.1 series… Takpolah…sapolah kawe..dah lah cukup comey sengoti, bulat lagi…

    N laki Sherry !


  3. 😀 hahaha kawe ingat
    kawe ingat sokmo
    sebab demo sambut dekat ngan anak demo
    Kawe takut 🙂
    Tapi moga demo sunggut doh
    omputih kato
    Better late then never?
    🙂 May Allah bless you..


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