Poem for My Miza

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Dear Daughter

You are the number one
The much awaited, the most bizzare
You shed the light and bring the glare
The joy that you bring indeed ultimate
Our tears become a mixture
Of  both love and scare
If this world is the right place
To bring you in and explore

Dear Daughter

As you grow and becoming wiser
You are my most witty
My misery and my worry
You are my love, my hope
My inner light, my strength

Dear Daughter

I am here with you only to stay
I will guide through your clouds that stray
I always pray through your difficulty
I shall bring hopes with all your uncertainty

Dear Daughter

Success is no day in the park darling
Only with hardwork will it lead to the spark
Being number one, you need to work an extra mile
For lil bros and sis-s look up to you and nod

Remember I said the other day sayang ?
You are my number one
And you are my special one
Along with it however
You shoulder more responsibilities
Not to mention, chores and duties

Joked with you the other day eh baby
God is so busy, He cant be everywhere
That is exactly why
He creates moms..
Hmmm… wadya think? 😀

Hani @ February 5, 2009

With this crap from me 🙂 , im signing out for few days. Shall be away for awhile and defnitely will be back !!

See u guys next week kay.

9 Replies to “Poem for My Miza”

  1. Dear sis,
    Its a beautiful piece indeed!
    It does reflect on me as well though – being the eldest.

    But i like the last para – “God is so busy…..” – very witty!



  2. Dear beloved Ibu,
    I’m at skool..Thanx so much for the poem..it really touched me..love you..maybe I wont be able to reach you dis week too packed..next saturday(7 feb)you have to come to scool..ade parents and teachers day..my kemahiran hidup got 90..english,92..but my maths..77!im so sad..i just wanted to tell u dat i really studied very hard..insya-Allah I’ll call u..maybe thursday or friday……bye


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