Al-Fatihah – Mohd Hafizuddin

My Al Fatihah dan salam takziah to an old friend –  a great man, strong-willed and also a father – Dato’ Hafifi Hafidz, his beloved wifey Kak Lin and their girls di atas pemergian anakanda dan adinda bongsu tersayang, Allahyarham Mohd Hafizuddin on Saturday, 31 January 2009.  He was only seven… 😦 Sesungguhnya benar janji Allah SWT, tiada yang kekal di sini…

It was a short journey for  lovely Hafizuddin but he  was tremendously loved and his short-lived life had indeed been meaningful for him, what more to his proud parents and elder sisters. Mohd Hafizuddin passed away due to his heart ailment. May he now rest in peace di Syurga Fiirdausi yang pasti buatnya, InsyaAllah.

I was in his house with some friends that night.  Apart from the lovely recital of the Holy Quran and Yassin, there was only a sad quiet accross the hall.  At trying time like this, there were merely no word to say to him. Just none 😦

Allah, The Most Mighty has His plans.

TIGER has an aspiring story…

Al -Fatihah 😦

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