My beloved boss birthday & A Compilation

28 February – no other than my boss, Adnan’s birth day  –  a man who just will never thwart you at anything – to advance in both social life and working life definitely.  My special birthday wish for him, may all the dreams will soon be yours ay.

This year, Leisure & Lifestyle embark on a special mission for a boss as lovely and special as him 🙂

Interesting mission really, but not to bore you to read them, this is the result. My kudos to my Art Director 🙂 , no other then our FND – remarkable result. We love it to the max man…

And, here it is – the birthday CD compilation – The 90 Percenter !! ahaks.  The CD enlists songs from each one of us – tediously and especially chosen and sang for the birthday boss.

Oh wait wait, you guys never heard of 90 Percenter? hmmmm okay jom… – these are the member of the band 😀 in random order…

No other then FND..


Lead on drum – QAF


ahaks.. Yours Truly a.k.a Hani 🙂 – mata duitan sungguh perempuan ini.. hahahaha.


Our Asnizan a.k.a AS


(ketawa golek-golek) my CK..


Our crook for the project Suhaimi


Our new gurl in the block – Maya


Our gurl who Manages – Zura


Another gurl who Manages – the hottie Aien 🙂


Meet Irving


And aw aw aw , the results… 😀 … THE COMPILATION !! dapatkan di store-store muzik berhampiran anda… hikhik.


Happy birthday again boss, hope you had a good ‘surprise’ and good food yesterday ay…

My Spaghetti and A Birthday

It has been quite a while since I last cooked my ‘famous’ spaghetti (famous ke ??hehehe) 😀 . Too much of other things to be done, itu lah pasalnya.

So anyway, over the last weekend, since it was my beloved anak-anak sedara punya birthday, yours truly telah ‘merajinkan diri’ dan memasak spaghetti itu. Hmmm, as usual- lah eh 😀 ahaks. Terharu-nyer I bila habis  spaghetti tuh sumer and I am glad that I cooked it for them.

Want to see some photos? Again, from my mobile it is..

Ehem ehem. Thank God gambar gelap. Hahahahah – al maklum gambar sensored. Hikhik


Bukan nak isi bakul angkat sendiri ay – but meleleh air liuq nih.


This is our birthday gurl for that day – Arisya Sufiya


And this is our birthday boy – Adam Suffian


Hope you both had a good birthday ay. Muahs love ya.

Bumbu Bali

Cathcy ay.

You probably have heard of this tempat makan. Me included. Dengar dah banyak kali, sampainya yang tidak 😀  Hence, only few days ago, Hani finally sampai akhirnya ke sana for a dinner.  Lokasi nya adalah di Bandar Puteri Puchong, Giant supermarket sana. 

My first impressian – wow not too bad.

The atmosphere was not 100 % Bali, sekali pandang macam that typical restaurant that serves Chinese, but pandang berkali-kali, then I can see the touch of Balinese ambience here and there.  One thing for sure, if you go there dinner time, definitely you need to take the number and queue. From the number of families and people queueing, one can tell – they serve nice food.

The waiting was actually quite a bore, but the waitress were warm and polite, so kira kaw-tim lah dengan penantian yang sungguh membosankan itu 🙂

Indeed the meals were ‘sehingga menjilat jari’, orang putih kata finger linking good?? Some Indonesian food that I personally hardly go for actually, but only ended to love the food and their sate get my most thumbs up. Over there in Bumbu Bali, they call it sate lilit. Cutenye.

These are some gambar that I snapped with my mobile. Mind the quality 🙂


This is the place.


This is one of the signature appetizer – Campur-Campur Tiga, indeed tiga jenis that serves the super nice, Sate Lilit, Chicken Wings and Sotong Goreng. Delish nyum-nyum, sungguh indah rasanya.

 Each portion is reasonably huge, easily fits the stomach of probably four people?


This is what I ordered for myself 🙂 – Nasi Campur Bumbu Bali. I super loving the grilled sotong and prawns. Take extra special note on the sambal guys – gosh outta this world babes ..!!


Oh this one as well, the sauce is incredibly nice, nama dia Chicken & Beef Combo – consists of two, chicken and beef-lah.

(Kecur air liuq den nih… ahaks).

Oh guys, I tell  you, conclusion dia satu jer – MUST GO !!! 🙂 The price on the menu is reasonably affordable. Berbintang-bintang star I reward this tempat makan.

Nice place, friendly and warm people, great food – what more you want in life ay 😀

Sarah & Syaza – Autograph anyone? :)

There is this story that I need to cut short in story-telling, but indeed very important. Too important in fact 🙂

My girls, Sarah and Syaza are doing something big in their little life currently 🙂 . I must say, the experiences that they have gained throughout this whole event has tremendously improved their communication and interaction skills, not to mentioned that it has also increased their confidence level. People skills it is.

As a mother, I know Im so blessed for them. Alhamdullillah.

Last Saturday, 14 February 2009 was the day for them. They have been counting days to do this, really. Me?? erks worst la of course. We lasted for hours and hours in the studio doing a product shooting on that day.  Penat but we had huge fun eh girls. The team was great. They are the best.

But anyways, this supposedly to be treated highly confidential until the product is launched officially soon. My promise is that, I will reveal details once it has been launched 🙂 But for now, these are some snaps of my beautiful princessess – both dangdut (Sarah) and the rocker (Syaza) 🙂 that I curi-curi snapped that day.

In case you are wondering, food for your curiousity today is that – my girls will come out with one product very soon. Tunggukan kemunculan mereka di akhbar-akhbar utama anda 😀 Ahaks.

And girls, just in case Ibu forgot to mention this the other day, I am so proud of you both ! Always have and always will.  You are the most adorable gurls and I love you so hugely much – infinity.

These are them. Surprise.. surprise…

This is my girls’ favourite part of all – THE MAKE UP SESSION  🙂


My Dangdut Princess – Sarah Kay



My rocker Princess – Syaza Ir 🙂

Below are the gambar behind the camera yang berjuta tuh 🙂 yang Hani curi-curi snap – I guess I am the most excited afterall eh. hehehe





My two artistes after seharian bekerja, ice cream treat it is !! 🙂


With those,  like I said.. tungguuuuu… 😀

Love All Year Round?



No way valentine is celebrated in my life. ah ah big NO. Never 🙂

Kelakar sungguh rasanya menyambut satu hari sahaja untuk berkasih dan bersayang. Crap. Nampak sangat tak ke mana nyer tuh. hik hik. Ish ish, satu hari jer ??

Love is a magnificent noun that however none of us has the understanding for it really. Its a big word. I stumbled upon this definition of LOVE that I find indeed interesting. Read up.

Anyways, today however, this thingy mail came in blinking blinking in my inbox. From a dear friend. Comel Sungguh. Lets share jom.


Celebrate and savour the feeling guys 😀  and lets do it all year round!

Happy Birthday Arisya!!


This hugg-ly cutey here is my anak sedara, Arisya Sufiya.  She wonderfully turns FIVE today ! 🙂

On this beutiful day, ibu and my whole batalion would like to sing a birthday song to Arisya and wish you happy birthday.  May Allah, The Most Kind and The Most Merciful showers you will all His love and blessings for you to be the good insan, InsyaAllah.  Its a tough world out there for someone as beautiful and as comel as you.  Watch your steps darling. Always.

And, most importantly, on one sunny bright day not far from today, when you are into reading and all, do drop by here at my Somethin’ Light and know this with your heart kay – next to your mommy, you will accountably forever would have ibu ay 🙂 for anything at all it is..

We love you and have a fabulous celebration today sayang  🙂 

Hmm… wadya u want darl?

X-llent people

I am back. Ahaks feels forever 🙂

Anyways, it is not every other day that we meet good people in our life eh. What more the excellent one 🙂 –  with qualities… ehem ehem if you know what I mean ay 😀 I think they are just simply rare.

Well, must be my lucky day then huh. I met one recently. This is him and his partner a.k.a buddy??, Mustaq Sire.


If he is still reading my crap here 🙂 , for starters you actually reminded me so much of this one person that I adore so hugely much – who I fondly call Sir Halim Ismail, he was my guru cum BI lecturer way back to our college days many many years back.

Apart from it and on the most top of everything – personally and not bodek-ing 😀  I think you are just naturally good – both at heart and work.  And JT? gosh he is just super fun and amazingly interesting.  I dont know about the rest, but I had the time of  my life – learning and leisuring…

Keep up the good work guys and hey melepak is still on huh?  My kudos.

Least but never last, Happy Birthday Happy Birthday today to my loveliest sis – ZANA who turns ehem ehem 😀 today. May Allah grants all your wishes and savour the moment sis – like I said in my sms to you early today – owe you one lunch it is. Hence, it was so good to see you the other day during Sherry’s 😀 Lama sungguh rasa tak berjumpa 😦

And to another dear and wonderful friend who is soon travelling to China for some office matters, come back alive eh.  Take good care of you 🙂

With all these lovey lovey notes, feels great to be back 🙂