Meet Layla Sukayna


World, kindly be introduced to our Layla Sukayna

According to her proud dad through an sms that he sent to us this morning, the meaning of Layla is Malam and Sukayna is ketenangan/and also the beautiful name of the cicit of our RasulAllah SAW daughter of  Saidina Hussein RA) – indeed a lovely name it is  !!

Who is she ? Oh.. this tiny amazingly adorable newborn girl is the latest addition to our family tree actually.  Hmmmm… to tell you quite honestly, I personally lost count of  cucu yang keberapa budak kecik nih to my mom dan dad- in-law 😀  

Layla however, belongs to my bro-in-law, Mustafa Kamal and his beloved wifey, Rozana – Anjang and Mak Anjang it is to my juniors. She arrived into this world on the same birth date of her daddy that was on Wednesday, 21 January 2009 in SJMC. 

The most thrill-est  part to the whole newborn event is that –  she comes only after three robust brothers, Farhan, Faris and Firdaus ! – a beautiful girl after son, son and son? Abih la ko dik,  sakan la ko kena buli ngan abang-abang ko lepas nih.

Hehe… but I am very sure, her ‘lasak’  brothers will love and protect their little baby sister, Layla with their heart and soul 🙂

Congrats Anjang. Congrats Ana – family is complete now huh with the arrival of your sweet girl 🙂

Enjoy the newborn guys !! (and errr…. and the many, maaaaannnnnnnnyyyyyyy late nights that follow…hikhik).

8 Replies to “Meet Layla Sukayna”

  1. So nie dia the new addition! Indeed an adorable gerl with lovely name! Cutenya…mcm nak cium2 pipinya!

    From the bottom of my heart – Tahniah to Anjang & Kak Zanah!


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