Another Year Only Wiser Babe

Gosh 🙂 how to wish you the most loveliest birthday wish babe. On this beautiful day of yours.

Except for I prayed that Allah, The Most Merciful and Most Kind  would shower you with much much happiness in your life. I prayed that you would always be happy, happy and happy. Oh and healthy of course. Happy with your life, beloved family, career and with whatever at all that you wish to do.

Anyway, the other day, I was out with Miza and she spotted this reaalllly cute birthday card on the rack. Comel sungguh. Untuk menjimatkan kos (hahahahha) I did not buy it 😀 Yet to substitute, I snapped a gambar of it – thinking of you of course at that time since your birthday was the first that we usually celebrate in every new year.. hehe.

Okay okay, aku tahu aku-tak-guna-punya-kawan– sebab ambik gambar jer (nak golek golek ketawa nih)… Inilah gambarnya that I took dengan background nyer yang blur. Hahahaha. Hey… it is the thought that count ay 🙂

So anyway babe, happy birthday 🙂  I am not going anywhere but here. In my heart,  I know for sure that, we would be there for each other, through our thick and thin – reaching for our stardom of happiness or even swimming in our sea of tears, if there is ever any (Nauzubillah). Count me to be there for you eh. Anytime.

Its your day today, go and have fun !! oh… this is the card that I snapped for you. Hehe.  Cute huh 🙂



Sherry last year’s BIRTHDAY WISH..

8 Replies to “Another Year Only Wiser Babe”

  1. truee indeed dear.. bra ada mcm2 bra.. yg mahal x semestinya comfortable to wear…hehehe. Oopps, btw…to the besday lady – Happy Birthday To U eh’ – Ms. President! May u always be a gud bra 2 all of us..hahahaha


  2. How can I thank you guys enough..??? I’m ever willing to be anything.. bra pun bra lah.. tapi kalo jadi cover down under errr suruh melia jer lah eh? muahahha


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