Pesta Nasi Kerabu

Ada beberapa cerita di 2008 that I want to post.  Was unable to do it earlier at more appropriate timing since I took few days off in the ending part of 2008 and seriously get stucked with this thingy thing called buzy-ness.

Anyways, here it is, one of them. The story-la…

As I mentioned in one of my older post that my sister and family from Kelantan was with us visiting very recently. So, some of our other Kelantan Families kat sini, has eventually invited and gathered all of us to his makan makan nasi kerabu at his place in Puchong.

The way I looked at the sumptous nasi kerabu and how he prepared it, I called it Pesta. Pesta Nasi Kerabu 😀 … dont believe me aaa, look at how amazingly banyak all the nasi kerabu dan ulam-ulamannya. Not to mentioned the petai, the ikan goreng tepung and the ayam berempah.. Pergh. yummy yummy, super delish !!

I did not know about others-la, but for a day there, Hani terlupa la jugak that I am supposedly to be on my carbo diet. Ahaks. Terjebak you. Yang amat.

image0171 image023


(Even Sarah pun belajar makan nasi kerabu tuh, and she enjoyed it!)

From where we all came from in Kelantan 😀 pesta makan adik-beradik nih memang fun giler.  Its like not so much of the food pun sebenarnya, but the fact and idea that all familiar faces are there-yang selalu jumpa, yang jarang berjumpa, yang lama sudah tidak berjumpa – laughing and giggling sharing stories, kami bersua muka, beramah mesra –  nasi kerabu yang memang sedap itu bertambah-tambah la kesedapan dan kelazatannya. 

The weather that day was humid I remembered, the crowd was huge, ramai sungguh sedara maraku rupanya 😀 with limited chairs and spaces as  e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y was there I tell you – but yet, all that we had that day was a good food Alhamdulillah and a set of an amazing time. Noone was complaining of the discomfort instead loud laughter was everywhere!!. It was indeed the moment that I cherished. Anytime. Anyday.

At the end of the day, being around those that we call family who we love so much is all that matters afterall.

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