2009 is alive and kicking !

School has begun its new term today.

My juniors are back to their respective schools as well.  So, Hani pun back to my usual routine-lah effectively this morning. My normal school days would then start as early as 5.45 am 😀

Hence, I dont have any kiddo that enters into standard one this year, so my day today kicked off pretty good. Not too hectic.

But tu lah, rumah tuh sunyi la balik, since my eldest has gone back to her asrama and all.  But hey lets look at it at a brighter side, I rilex aaa sikit.

So to my boys and gurls, 2009 would be another challenging year for us all in the family especially to Kakak  and Abang Ngah. PMR and UPSR it is. As for Sarah and Syaza, nothing is more important than education ladies. You earn your dignity with it and it will place you nicely where you belong later in life 🙂

Like what Ibu said always and this morning as well – opportunity comes once in life, grab it or else it will just pass you by 😀

Good luck guys. Much love eh.

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