Meet Layla Sukayna


World, kindly be introduced to our Layla Sukayna

According to her proud dad through an sms that he sent to us this morning, the meaning of Layla is Malam and Sukayna is ketenangan/and also the beautiful name of the cicit of our RasulAllah SAW daughter of  Saidina Hussein RA) – indeed a lovely name it is  !!

Who is she ? Oh.. this tiny amazingly adorable newborn girl is the latest addition to our family tree actually.  Hmmmm… to tell you quite honestly, I personally lost count of  cucu yang keberapa budak kecik nih to my mom dan dad- in-law 😀  

Layla however, belongs to my bro-in-law, Mustafa Kamal and his beloved wifey, Rozana – Anjang and Mak Anjang it is to my juniors. She arrived into this world on the same birth date of her daddy that was on Wednesday, 21 January 2009 in SJMC. 

The most thrill-est  part to the whole newborn event is that –  she comes only after three robust brothers, Farhan, Faris and Firdaus ! – a beautiful girl after son, son and son? Abih la ko dik,  sakan la ko kena buli ngan abang-abang ko lepas nih.

Hehe… but I am very sure, her ‘lasak’  brothers will love and protect their little baby sister, Layla with their heart and soul 🙂

Congrats Anjang. Congrats Ana – family is complete now huh with the arrival of your sweet girl 🙂

Enjoy the newborn guys !! (and errr…. and the many, maaaaannnnnnnnyyyyyyy late nights that follow…hikhik).

Pengkalan Balak-visited

At this very second, I am f****** tired. Ambik ko.

Never felt this horribly tired really. The long CNY break has taxed me to the max.  My Mak Itam and Pak Itam were with us from Spore. Hence, with the long school break, my better half and me, my  lil sis Awa and hub, secara ad-hoc nyer telah mengangkut diri sendiri dan semua batalion-batalion yang ada for a short trip mandi-manda, bbq, picnic, bla bla bla.. ke Pengakalan Balak, Melaka.

We were planning to go to Taiping orginally but since my geografi map memang fail 😀 we, instead landed there in Pengkalan Balak, Melaka.  hahahaha. The very long la the story. Penat nak citer. Hehe. But tu-lah, inilah pengorbanan namanya. Ahaks, big word. Aku paham ke maksudnya tuh? hehe.  What I meant was actually, despite me being sick, penat and all, menapak gak ler kesana.

Let me share some photos as usual eh. This time round however, since most of the time, yours truly 😀 tertido di dalam khemah.. not much gambar beach yang dapat di snap. Ini jer la yang ada…

As we arriving, singgah jab makan the famous rojak there (dalam gambar lum ada rojak tuh tapi..)



then, the beach time (ahaks nih jer sesatunyer gambar sebelum saya zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)



Ini anak buah saya yang begitu lasak tak ingat dunia, Zayyan nama dia..


Hah.. ini mak dia..


Told ya.. I was horribly super duper tired. This was before I slept the entire evening… bestnyer..


the rest of the day was history.. for me lah. Nasib la ramai chef-chef on duty hari tuh..


alahai.. Eusoff ku..


My beloved nieces..


and my son.. yummy yummy banyak nyer makan wei !



oh before that, my other son ouch ouch ouch hurt himself.. 😦


oh and before the nite ends, we had this sumptous, membuak-buak banyaknyer dinner-all-you-can-eat 😀 in Pengkalan Balak. Malangnya, oleh kerana kepenatan yang maha dahsyat, nobody snapped anything.

ok ok.. im sooo  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Gosh..

Through my eyes..

This is the place..


Nama glamer depa : Ampang Look Out Point 🙂

An amazing sights that would just simply take your heart away… Well, it worked with me. For a moment there recently :),  my eyes captured one of many God’s great and magnificent scenaries..

(with me menyibuks in it of course.. ahaks. Nice pic eh?  Err… 😀 )




So?? apa lagi.. all the love birds out there, awww pergi la. Enjoy the view, share the love and seize ‘that’ moment. 🙂

Over to you guys… but try to go at night eh? They say, it even amazingly beautiful. Pergh.

I’m Around

Where do I begin?

I been busy? Was I? 😀

I am simply enjoying life I guess. But seriously loads have happened and still ongoing. Probably like soon I might be able to post some nice pictures 😀

Till then, take care people. I am still around. Ahaks.

Another Year Only Wiser Babe

Gosh 🙂 how to wish you the most loveliest birthday wish babe. On this beautiful day of yours.

Except for I prayed that Allah, The Most Merciful and Most Kind  would shower you with much much happiness in your life. I prayed that you would always be happy, happy and happy. Oh and healthy of course. Happy with your life, beloved family, career and with whatever at all that you wish to do.

Anyway, the other day, I was out with Miza and she spotted this reaalllly cute birthday card on the rack. Comel sungguh. Untuk menjimatkan kos (hahahahha) I did not buy it 😀 Yet to substitute, I snapped a gambar of it – thinking of you of course at that time since your birthday was the first that we usually celebrate in every new year.. hehe.

Okay okay, aku tahu aku-tak-guna-punya-kawan– sebab ambik gambar jer (nak golek golek ketawa nih)… Inilah gambarnya that I took dengan background nyer yang blur. Hahahaha. Hey… it is the thought that count ay 🙂

So anyway babe, happy birthday 🙂  I am not going anywhere but here. In my heart,  I know for sure that, we would be there for each other, through our thick and thin – reaching for our stardom of happiness or even swimming in our sea of tears, if there is ever any (Nauzubillah). Count me to be there for you eh. Anytime.

Its your day today, go and have fun !! oh… this is the card that I snapped for you. Hehe.  Cute huh 🙂



Sherry last year’s BIRTHDAY WISH..

Makan jom?

Lagi satu kisah di 2008 🙂

Sebab nak citer – food dia sedap sesangat.   Name of the place Al-Rawsha. Location is somewhere di Jalan Damai di area belakang Yow Chuan, Ampang sana. Sorry guys.. Hani bab bab direction nih, errr buta sikit. Ahaks.  Well.. al-maklum chaufferred driven kan? hikhik.

They serves arab cruisine, so I enjoyed the roti tremendously. Apa ntah nama dia 😀 and the salad.. pergh.

Eventually, terlalu sedap  makan and only snapped few gambar for sharing purposes. Here they are.



Ini salad dia. Very nice. Something new to my tongue 🙂


Ini nasi beriyani dia. Hani tak jamah but melihatkan pinggan yang licin soon after that, I guess, my kiddos loving it la tuh 🙂

Nice place really. Go and try guys 😀

Pesta Nasi Kerabu

Ada beberapa cerita di 2008 that I want to post.  Was unable to do it earlier at more appropriate timing since I took few days off in the ending part of 2008 and seriously get stucked with this thingy thing called buzy-ness.

Anyways, here it is, one of them. The story-la…

As I mentioned in one of my older post that my sister and family from Kelantan was with us visiting very recently. So, some of our other Kelantan Families kat sini, has eventually invited and gathered all of us to his makan makan nasi kerabu at his place in Puchong.

The way I looked at the sumptous nasi kerabu and how he prepared it, I called it Pesta. Pesta Nasi Kerabu 😀 … dont believe me aaa, look at how amazingly banyak all the nasi kerabu dan ulam-ulamannya. Not to mentioned the petai, the ikan goreng tepung and the ayam berempah.. Pergh. yummy yummy, super delish !!

I did not know about others-la, but for a day there, Hani terlupa la jugak that I am supposedly to be on my carbo diet. Ahaks. Terjebak you. Yang amat.

image0171 image023


(Even Sarah pun belajar makan nasi kerabu tuh, and she enjoyed it!)

From where we all came from in Kelantan 😀 pesta makan adik-beradik nih memang fun giler.  Its like not so much of the food pun sebenarnya, but the fact and idea that all familiar faces are there-yang selalu jumpa, yang jarang berjumpa, yang lama sudah tidak berjumpa – laughing and giggling sharing stories, kami bersua muka, beramah mesra –  nasi kerabu yang memang sedap itu bertambah-tambah la kesedapan dan kelazatannya. 

The weather that day was humid I remembered, the crowd was huge, ramai sungguh sedara maraku rupanya 😀 with limited chairs and spaces as  e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y was there I tell you – but yet, all that we had that day was a good food Alhamdulillah and a set of an amazing time. Noone was complaining of the discomfort instead loud laughter was everywhere!!. It was indeed the moment that I cherished. Anytime. Anyday.

At the end of the day, being around those that we call family who we love so much is all that matters afterall.