Numbers please and happy holidaying

😀 okay I got my new phone already. Ahaks. (Still mourning tho with the demise of the old one.. sigh).

So, for the past 24 hours, Im like orang b****,  replying to every sms yang Hani dapat with the same question.. “Sori.. I lost my phone yesterday, errr  sape nih..” 😀

So guys, like I said, bear with me?

Hence, I am feeling on top of the world for my new phone. My baby daughter also eventually today got her books for Twilight series – New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn… sure happy giler tuh dia.

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell it is esok.. so happy holidays people 😀 .   It will be a stretch of long holidays for us.  Good break for all indeed.

As for me, I am expecting my family from Kelantan to come over. Gosh, lama tul tak jumpa rasanya… So, next week means jalan-jalan, and jalan-jalan??.  Hmmm

I shall be taking a short leave from blogging myself  as me and family off to another short holiday this Sunday 😀 . Daddy is back, so taking the juniors with me included. Ahaks.

So, shall miss you. Take care. Have a good holiday people and let us all look forward for a better 2009 !!!

Im signing out for the day and the next few days.

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