I Need Your Numbers…

😦 Astaghfirullah…

Banyak betul cerita dan kenangannya.

Cerita Satu

Colleague   :   Kak Hani bagi jer lah kat saya..
Hani          :   Mana leh, inilah i-pod touch I tau..

(..and we just downloaded few new nice songs yesterday).

Cerita Dua 

Hani           :   I nak kena hantar repair nih, macam dah nak rosak..
A friend       :   Beli jer lah yang baru

(.. perhaps this is the best kot.  Menda tuh pun memang ala ala nak kena repair sikit aa kunun).

Cerita Tiga

Miza              :   Bila ibu nak kasik kat kita?
Hani              :   Nanti aa bila ibu dapat Blackberry 😀

(sori darl… no rezeki eh 😦 )

😦 with this tears in my heart (sigh)… guys.. I lost my handphone malam tadi. Dont ask how  eh. Penat nak citer. But whatever it is, until I get my new sim and probably new phone 😦 , bear with me huh. The saddest part is that, that phone of mine was  rather new as it was my birthday present from my beloved better half in August last.. Sigh.

… And I will definitely be needing your number… 😦

Rest in peace la Nokia ku..

6 Replies to “I Need Your Numbers…”

  1. Dear sis,

    My deepest sympathy to you! I know you ngah sad giler…but look at the brighter side ok?
    btw, will email you my number as well as mommy…

    Take care dearest!


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