Getaway to Tiara

Much to write actually but too tired to do so.  Let me just let the photos do the story telling. We were away in Tiara Beach Resort, PD from Saturday last and got back in KL on Monday last.

Thing is, PD sounds so near, yet so far, that only till last weekend, I realized that there are actually loads to do in PD. Like usually, PD is just Port Dickson, the beach kinda thing… 😀

But this time round, we actually discovered few places, such as PD Zoo and the Extreme Park. We wanted to go to the Ostritch Farm but eventually everybody was too tired to go already and skipped that one. Perhaps in the next trip it is eh.

Kids had tremendous fun as for Hani had a tremendous sleep 😀 . Ahaks. Need that eh?

So, here we are …

Day One – Beach (as we arrived)



 tiara_2  tiara_4 tiara_5

 tiara_7 tiara_8 tiara_9 tiara_10 tiara_razin

Day 1 & 2 – Pool Of Course..

Razin had the MOST  fun I guess. Hehe.. enjoy him. I rasa nak cubit cubit jer tengok dia. Suka sangat… hehe


razin_tiara1  razin_tiara32 razin_tiara41

and the rest of them..

tiara_pool1 tiara_pool11 tiara_pool2

Day 2 : Ride in the park

tiara_bike1 tiara_bike2 tiara_bike3 tiara_bike4 

 Day 3 : PD Zoo and Go-Carting

tiara_kart1 tiara_kart2 tiara_kart3 tiara_kart4

tiara_zoo1 tiara_zoo2 tiara_zoo3 tiara_zoo4 tiara_zoo5

fun ! fun ! fun 🙂

tiara_fun1 tiara_fun2 tiara_fun3   tiara_fun6 tiara_fun5

So guys.. dont bug me for till much much later eh. Ahaks.

4 Replies to “Getaway to Tiara”

  1. Wahh….you guys had sooo much fun eh…!

    But the gambars all small ah…tak puas tengok! Is awa pregnt or put on weight – see 1st pic(Day 3 PD & GO CARTING)


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