I will be Away and Sad :(

Salam 😦



😦 Dari Allah sesungguhnya kita datang, kepadaNya jua kita pasti kembali…. Inalillah.. 😦

That sms  is my sad Friday to begin with. I only very recently wrote about this long lost friend of mine in HERE  .  Only to receive this shockingly sad news from another friend late last night that she has passed away peacefully on Monday, 8 December 2008.

No details just yet, but to whoever that may have known our beloved friend, Allahyarhamah Tengku Norbanee, who was formerly a medical doctor in USM, let us all sedekahkan our Al-Fatihah 😦 to her. May her soul rest in peace in the Syurga Al-Firdausi.  She was eventually seeking a bone narrow transplant in Singapore since October and it did not went well 😦

My bro-in-law had just awhile ago alerted me about her beautiful blog DRBANEE . I cant hold my tears anymore 😦 upon reading her blog. Read up, its a MUST. Indeed beautiful and meaningful piece/blog.  She and her beloved husband, Dr Ezanee have eventually got it written throughout the whole process of her treatment and their tough times !!!.  Allah  huakbar… 

I am still reading hers right now as I am posting this.. 😦 An amazing blog really…. Very.

Life is indeed short afterall huh…

Allahyarham was the one in circle in this much-loved photo of mine..


With this so sad news-breaking, I will be away for few days on a short trip and holiday.  Much needed break for me and family.


Please take care people, shall miss you like crazy eh .

Count me to be back !

Have a good rest and lovely weekend guys.

5 Replies to “I will be Away and Sad :(”

  1. My deepest condolences to you, your friends and most importantly her family.

    There is no word I could say to ease this pain, but I know you will be strong. Allah loves her more and He knows what’s best for her.

    Al Fatihah…


  2. kak hani,..tq for what u’ve said in this blog. i’m farhah, late dr.banee’s youngest siter. my family n i really thankfull for all that yg sedekahkan al-Fatihah untuk arwah kakak saya..terima kasih.


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