Much, Much Has Happened :)

To begin with – both me and better half and the rest of my batalion cited our utmost syukur and relief to Allah The Mighty and Most Kind, that our eldest son, Mustafa Hazim a.k.a Abang Ngah telah selamat berkhatan 🙂 on Friday, 5 December 2008.

Our heartfelt gratitute goes to our beloved family members  especially to Anjang, Ana, Alia and Awa and of course the rest of the respective teams 🙂 for everything !!

Congrats also to my anak-anak sedara who have bravely bersunat as well that day – Amir Farhan, Lokman Faris and Malik Firdaus. We did it guys !!!

To our friends and buddies who were there (ahaks) and not there, but with us all the time with their constant doa, prayers, phone calls and sms-es..  Macam bursa saham hari tuh wa cakap lu.  Hahahaha but hey – Thank you, tenkius, xi xi, kudos guys … 🙂

One of the thing that hit me that day was that, wow.. another life experience of mine was on the making huh !!.  Much heard about it, but bila anak sendiri yang bersunat, I was like.. ooooo macam ni rasanya. Hehehehe.

As for this blog is concerned, I realized now, why am I into this blogging and all – this blog will be here till forever it is, and I am very sure my girls and boys, in their growing up years would come here, again and again to read.. So guys, this blog is like our family’s personal log eh. We shall keep everything wrapped nicely here, next to our heart it is …

Do come and check it out guys.  From our family events, birthdays, family gatherings or any celebration at all that has passed and many, many more to come and celebrate,  just find my Somethin’ Light eh.  Pergh… pretty cool huh.

So anyway, I am so like terharu giler with the whole event that took place subsequently… The kenduri and all, the family gatherings like this  would definitely bring us only closer.

Here are the gambar, as many as I can snapped to be shared with my family mostly and my gentle and lovely readers here as well.  Let them speak of their behalf eh…

Guys.. check out my facebook for more gambar as well.  To ‘whoever’ that knew 😀 , gambar-gambar yang telah di- censor oleh board ada kat sana. Hahahahaha. (Sumpah I kena sembelih nih).. hikhik.


BEFORE : (from left) my son, cuzons – the twins, Faris & Firdaus and Farhan (muka rilex aa lagi eh guys – hahahaha).


AFTER :  My poor son yg dah bersunat 🙂 with his proud dad. Oh my son!! ahaks. (Muka dah tension sket).


Hazim and his Pak Su much later at home. Muka dah stabil dahh.. hehehe.

To my dearest and beloved son, Gosh darling… A boy yesterday, A man today eh. Ibu and ayah are so hugely proud of you. May Allah blesses and showers your beautiful life with so much love and happiness, not to mention health, till eternity it is. Amen… 

Errr… and I want many many grandchildren ok? 😀

One episode in our family events has eventually taken place and sealed… Alhamdulillah.

As for Raya pulak,  gosh.. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all.  I know Im bit behind time nowadays (sibuk wei). Maaf Zahir dan Batin, May all of you had a good raya coz we definitely did 😀

Enjoy some gambar as well. Me as usually busy cooking.  This time round, I cooked for about 20 people for the pagi raya itself!! My beloved better half eventually at the most wee hour of hari raya, decided to menjemput his A.U.G Secretariat to come and celebrate raya with us. So dont ask about my hari raya coz I only have one word for it –  PENAT wei !!!!

Me and my assistant cook, Cik Miza Syakirah a.k.a B nama dia. Ahaks.


Okay, tuh chef utama dia 😀


Nih Assistan-g dia.. Ahaks.

Have a good day today people. Muahs…

5 Replies to “Much, Much Has Happened :)”

  1. Dear K.Lang,
    Alhamdulillah semua berjalan dgn lancar…tak much awaited event!

    To abg ngah – welcome to manhood & be a good man ok?

    K.Lang, but the hightlight is your better half…..! heard so much abt it from mummy of course! wakahkaha…..


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