Numbers please and happy holidaying

😀 okay I got my new phone already. Ahaks. (Still mourning tho with the demise of the old one.. sigh).

So, for the past 24 hours, Im like orang b****,  replying to every sms yang Hani dapat with the same question.. “Sori.. I lost my phone yesterday, errr  sape nih..” 😀

So guys, like I said, bear with me?

Hence, I am feeling on top of the world for my new phone. My baby daughter also eventually today got her books for Twilight series – New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn… sure happy giler tuh dia.

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell it is esok.. so happy holidays people 😀 .   It will be a stretch of long holidays for us.  Good break for all indeed.

As for me, I am expecting my family from Kelantan to come over. Gosh, lama tul tak jumpa rasanya… So, next week means jalan-jalan, and jalan-jalan??.  Hmmm

I shall be taking a short leave from blogging myself  as me and family off to another short holiday this Sunday 😀 . Daddy is back, so taking the juniors with me included. Ahaks.

So, shall miss you. Take care. Have a good holiday people and let us all look forward for a better 2009 !!!

Im signing out for the day and the next few days.

I Need Your Numbers…

😦 Astaghfirullah…

Banyak betul cerita dan kenangannya.

Cerita Satu

Colleague   :   Kak Hani bagi jer lah kat saya..
Hani          :   Mana leh, inilah i-pod touch I tau..

(..and we just downloaded few new nice songs yesterday).

Cerita Dua 

Hani           :   I nak kena hantar repair nih, macam dah nak rosak..
A friend       :   Beli jer lah yang baru

(.. perhaps this is the best kot.  Menda tuh pun memang ala ala nak kena repair sikit aa kunun).

Cerita Tiga

Miza              :   Bila ibu nak kasik kat kita?
Hani              :   Nanti aa bila ibu dapat Blackberry 😀

(sori darl… no rezeki eh 😦 )

😦 with this tears in my heart (sigh)… guys.. I lost my handphone malam tadi. Dont ask how  eh. Penat nak citer. But whatever it is, until I get my new sim and probably new phone 😦 , bear with me huh. The saddest part is that, that phone of mine was  rather new as it was my birthday present from my beloved better half in August last.. Sigh.

… And I will definitely be needing your number… 😦

Rest in peace la Nokia ku..

Getaway to Tiara

Much to write actually but too tired to do so.  Let me just let the photos do the story telling. We were away in Tiara Beach Resort, PD from Saturday last and got back in KL on Monday last.

Thing is, PD sounds so near, yet so far, that only till last weekend, I realized that there are actually loads to do in PD. Like usually, PD is just Port Dickson, the beach kinda thing… 😀

But this time round, we actually discovered few places, such as PD Zoo and the Extreme Park. We wanted to go to the Ostritch Farm but eventually everybody was too tired to go already and skipped that one. Perhaps in the next trip it is eh.

Kids had tremendous fun as for Hani had a tremendous sleep 😀 . Ahaks. Need that eh?

So, here we are …

Day One – Beach (as we arrived)



 tiara_2  tiara_4 tiara_5

 tiara_7 tiara_8 tiara_9 tiara_10 tiara_razin

Day 1 & 2 – Pool Of Course..

Razin had the MOST  fun I guess. Hehe.. enjoy him. I rasa nak cubit cubit jer tengok dia. Suka sangat… hehe


razin_tiara1  razin_tiara32 razin_tiara41

and the rest of them..

tiara_pool1 tiara_pool11 tiara_pool2

Day 2 : Ride in the park

tiara_bike1 tiara_bike2 tiara_bike3 tiara_bike4 

 Day 3 : PD Zoo and Go-Carting

tiara_kart1 tiara_kart2 tiara_kart3 tiara_kart4

tiara_zoo1 tiara_zoo2 tiara_zoo3 tiara_zoo4 tiara_zoo5

fun ! fun ! fun 🙂

tiara_fun1 tiara_fun2 tiara_fun3   tiara_fun6 tiara_fun5

So guys.. dont bug me for till much much later eh. Ahaks.

I will be Away and Sad :(

Salam 😦



😦 Dari Allah sesungguhnya kita datang, kepadaNya jua kita pasti kembali…. Inalillah.. 😦

That sms  is my sad Friday to begin with. I only very recently wrote about this long lost friend of mine in HERE  .  Only to receive this shockingly sad news from another friend late last night that she has passed away peacefully on Monday, 8 December 2008.

No details just yet, but to whoever that may have known our beloved friend, Allahyarhamah Tengku Norbanee, who was formerly a medical doctor in USM, let us all sedekahkan our Al-Fatihah 😦 to her. May her soul rest in peace in the Syurga Al-Firdausi.  She was eventually seeking a bone narrow transplant in Singapore since October and it did not went well 😦

My bro-in-law had just awhile ago alerted me about her beautiful blog DRBANEE . I cant hold my tears anymore 😦 upon reading her blog. Read up, its a MUST. Indeed beautiful and meaningful piece/blog.  She and her beloved husband, Dr Ezanee have eventually got it written throughout the whole process of her treatment and their tough times !!!.  Allah  huakbar… 

I am still reading hers right now as I am posting this.. 😦 An amazing blog really…. Very.

Life is indeed short afterall huh…

Allahyarham was the one in circle in this much-loved photo of mine..


With this so sad news-breaking, I will be away for few days on a short trip and holiday.  Much needed break for me and family.


Please take care people, shall miss you like crazy eh .

Count me to be back !

Have a good rest and lovely weekend guys.

Much, Much Has Happened :)

To begin with – both me and better half and the rest of my batalion cited our utmost syukur and relief to Allah The Mighty and Most Kind, that our eldest son, Mustafa Hazim a.k.a Abang Ngah telah selamat berkhatan 🙂 on Friday, 5 December 2008.

Our heartfelt gratitute goes to our beloved family members  especially to Anjang, Ana, Alia and Awa and of course the rest of the respective teams 🙂 for everything !!

Congrats also to my anak-anak sedara who have bravely bersunat as well that day – Amir Farhan, Lokman Faris and Malik Firdaus. We did it guys !!!

To our friends and buddies who were there (ahaks) and not there, but with us all the time with their constant doa, prayers, phone calls and sms-es..  Macam bursa saham hari tuh wa cakap lu.  Hahahaha but hey – Thank you, tenkius, xi xi, kudos guys … 🙂

One of the thing that hit me that day was that, wow.. another life experience of mine was on the making huh !!.  Much heard about it, but bila anak sendiri yang bersunat, I was like.. ooooo macam ni rasanya. Hehehehe.

As for this blog is concerned, I realized now, why am I into this blogging and all – this blog will be here till forever it is, and I am very sure my girls and boys, in their growing up years would come here, again and again to read.. So guys, this blog is like our family’s personal log eh. We shall keep everything wrapped nicely here, next to our heart it is …

Do come and check it out guys.  From our family events, birthdays, family gatherings or any celebration at all that has passed and many, many more to come and celebrate,  just find my Somethin’ Light eh.  Pergh… pretty cool huh.

So anyway, I am so like terharu giler with the whole event that took place subsequently… The kenduri and all, the family gatherings like this  would definitely bring us only closer.

Here are the gambar, as many as I can snapped to be shared with my family mostly and my gentle and lovely readers here as well.  Let them speak of their behalf eh…

Guys.. check out my facebook for more gambar as well.  To ‘whoever’ that knew 😀 , gambar-gambar yang telah di- censor oleh board ada kat sana. Hahahahaha. (Sumpah I kena sembelih nih).. hikhik.


BEFORE : (from left) my son, cuzons – the twins, Faris & Firdaus and Farhan (muka rilex aa lagi eh guys – hahahaha).


AFTER :  My poor son yg dah bersunat 🙂 with his proud dad. Oh my son!! ahaks. (Muka dah tension sket).


Hazim and his Pak Su much later at home. Muka dah stabil dahh.. hehehe.

To my dearest and beloved son, Gosh darling… A boy yesterday, A man today eh. Ibu and ayah are so hugely proud of you. May Allah blesses and showers your beautiful life with so much love and happiness, not to mention health, till eternity it is. Amen… 

Errr… and I want many many grandchildren ok? 😀

One episode in our family events has eventually taken place and sealed… Alhamdulillah.

As for Raya pulak,  gosh.. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all.  I know Im bit behind time nowadays (sibuk wei). Maaf Zahir dan Batin, May all of you had a good raya coz we definitely did 😀

Enjoy some gambar as well. Me as usually busy cooking.  This time round, I cooked for about 20 people for the pagi raya itself!! My beloved better half eventually at the most wee hour of hari raya, decided to menjemput his A.U.G Secretariat to come and celebrate raya with us. So dont ask about my hari raya coz I only have one word for it –  PENAT wei !!!!

Me and my assistant cook, Cik Miza Syakirah a.k.a B nama dia. Ahaks.


Okay, tuh chef utama dia 😀


Nih Assistan-g dia.. Ahaks.

Have a good day today people. Muahs…

All That I Want

It has been quite awhile eh since I penned any poem a.k.a crap that I love so much 😀

So here is one that I just scribbled today, the urge just kicked in. And the shot that Im about to post down here is eventually snapped by my junior photographer a.k.a Sarah K, and I know its bit overexposed but just have a peek at my Ajin Piji.. he is simply irresistable 🙂 …



In a cozy time like this
All I want to do is kiss
Lazied around in peace
Every inch to squeeze

In a lazy time like this
All I want to do is dreaming
Let me not knowing what Im doing
Not sure if I ever thinking

In a crucial time like this
All I want to be is in dilemma
Perhaps this is afterall karma
All that happened is plainly drama

In a hungry time like this
All I want is an anexoria
To be in my system of hysteria
No meals, what more pizza 🙂

In a sleepy time like this
All I want to have is amnesia
Memories stored becomes nostalgia
With no boundries nor criteria

Hani @ Dec 2, 2008