Explain holiday?

Dont know about other mommies and daddies out there, but why is it everytime school holiday, the holiday does not mean ‘holiday’ for us eh? hmmmmm.

Me for one is overdosed  with busy-ness comes school holidays. Sori kids. But as you counting days to your school holidays, I am like counting days when is it going to be over 😀

No doubt, I am like glad that everyone is at home. Right in front of my very eyes…

This weekend for example is supposedly to be a weekend to rest and rilex for me but instead, heck no huh. 

Not to mention the next weekend and the very next… hmmm now I suddenly feel time is no longer flying 🙂 but crawling instead ?? Ahaks.

Ok ok, let me stop bragging while wishing my gentle and lovely readers here the loveliest weekend ever.  Till next time it is eh.

Got a movie to catch…. roger and out 😀

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