Dont take my pija..


I was updating my digital last nite that again, stumbled upon this cutey.

He is huuuuuugeeeeeely adorable, isnt he? 😀 Oh guys tell you, you have to meet him in person for real… you will love him !!! He is super cool and manja. And he is no other but my most lovingly anak sedara, Eusoff Ammar belongs to my lil sis, Awa  (read up her piece on our BBQ recently) .  May Allah, The Most Forgiveth showers His much love for him and us all.

Just in case you were wondering what is that thingy inside his tiny mouth?  Well, this boy was enjoying his piece of pizza, too big to swallow and simply refused to allow anybody to touch it neither 😀 hehe

Well enjoy him and have an amazing today eh.

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