Hazim got his dream PSP

Well, if you ask me, I would have told him, keep on dreaming. Ahaks 😀

But eventually, must be his rezeki afterall that he got his much-dreamed PSP as his birthday present from his dearest Mak Itam and Pak Itam.

He was beyond thrilled !!!

I captured some gambar on the very day itself 🙂



therefore, officially as well, Ipod shuffle dia yang ibundanya 🙂 belikan, bertukar tangan…

Ini tuan punya baru dia… Ish, sampai hati you tau… hua hua hua…


well.. kids, as long as you guys are happy, then I am super duper happier eh 😀

7 Replies to “Hazim got his dream PSP”

  1. Yeaaa….its fortunate to be kids nowadays…they got what they wish for!

    I chipped in also for the prezie tau!
    To my dearest abg ngah, semoga berjaya hingga ke menara gading & menjadi anak yg soleh! Insyaallah…..


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