Our Year End BBQ Gathering and A Birthday


It was indeed a very eventful and memorable family year-end gathering for us all in the family. Everybody was there. Laughter, jokes, food and love was all over.

We also had our lovingly mak itam and pak itam and their lovely two adorable girls 😀  all the way from Singapore. Likewise, great family BBQ gathering it was on Saturday last, 22 November 2008.

My lil sis, Awa and hubby have been an amazing host eh.  Thank you keladi leaf-lah..

I, on the other hand took this lovely opportunity since all family members were there, to hold a small birthday do for my beloved son who recently turned 11 years old on 11.11.2008.

We have our syukur for the delish and sumptous food, sillatulrahim and love that was showered and blessed by The Most Kind for us all. Enjoy some of our family photos eh 🙂

Our host..


The yummy yummy… (erks now lapar balik…  hehe)



My usually 3 stooges – Sarah, Syaza and Damia 🙂


My girl and Aunt.


The birthday Do for my son 🙂



Some of our family members that agreed to be photographed 😀

hazim_guest1 hazim_guest2 hazim_quest1 hazim_guest

and of course, our chef for the day, our sporting Pak Itam and the lovely daughter..

hazim_pakitam hazim_kaknana

With this humble opportunity that crossed my path, my gratitute and never ending love to all 🙂  Lets gather again soon eh… ahaks.

5 Replies to “Our Year End BBQ Gathering and A Birthday”

  1. Hi Kak Lang….

    It is indeed an eventful & wonderful gathering! I missed the fun huh?……

    Im still hoping for a miracle…..bila ler leh jumpa you all eh…..


  2. 🙂 u indeed missed the fun
    even we had you guys in mind at all times
    hmmm and i dont think we really need a miracle to meet again eh
    Perhaps you can start by join us on the 5th Dec? 😀


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