My Birthday Boy !!


Again 😀 be introduced, my son a.ka. the birthday boy who is eleven years old already commencing yesterday. Ahaks.

My juniors, eversince Hani into blogging and all, every time I snap gambar, they will be like,…  hah.. ibu nak masuk blog la tuh. Hehe.  And yup, they all DO come and visit and read my blog at every opportunity that arise 😀 Thanks guys.. for your approval and understanding..

So, as I am very sure, my son especially would be coming and visit this post like really soon, this is my birthday thoughts to share with him mostly and perhaps with my gentle readers here as well.

My darling son, as we shared this morning over our routines while waiting for your school van that what actually Birthdays should mean to both you and me.  As Ibu said, birthday is never that joy of spending money for your birthday present, dinner and all.  That is NOT what birthday is all about really. Instead birthday to me and should be to you as well, I said, is like a benchmark. A Benchmark of how far we have come in this life.

As I further said to you, you may be only eleven, but you are definitely no longer 10 years old. You were from yesterday, has become a year older and only wiser. I paused there.

I have also explained in length to you of what WISER means. Gosh darling, hope I was not just bragging but advising eh….

So anyway, Ibu only have my doa for you and hope you had fun listening to your Ipod Shuffle 😀 .

8 Replies to “My Birthday Boy !!”

  1. Happy so belated burfday my daring bro!Nice ipod shuffle eh…But mine is more COOLer!Sowie..Ibu,merci beaucoup for always praying for us…we love you da most..

    Gros Bisou,
    Baby M(OLD)


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