11 on 11.11

My son, Mustafa Hazim a.k.a Abang Ngah  is 11 today.  Alhamdulillah.

My syukur and I thank Allah, The Most Kind every single day of my life for him.

And at 11, like yesterday I realized something ‘grown up’ about him. 🙂

All these while, his dad has always decide when to cut his hair and how the hair was supposedly to look. But these past few weeks, he has been telling his dad on HOW HE WANTS HIMSELF TO LOOK !! ahaks.

So, on Sunday last, right from our ‘big’ breakfast at McDonalds, his Pak Su took him for his haircut and I must say here, he got a total new style of haircut and gosh, he looked different 😀

Nanti eh, I ambik gambar rambut dia yang baru and post it here like real soon. Ahaks.. dah besar anak aku rupanya…

Anyways my darling son,

You are eleven today
And as you are always in my pray
That all will come your way
Guided, son you wont go astray

As you asked me the other day
What am I going to get for your birthday?
As you turned eleven today
Hmmm, I would merrily say
🙂 my endless, never ending pray
Thats my gift for your birthday 🙂

Ibu loves you so tremendously.  What would I do without you eh? 🙂

May you have a blessed lovely day today especially and the rest of your days and years. Amen.

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