The heart wants what the heart wants

My dear precious readers,

This will take a while. And it may bore you. Hence, spare me your 10 minutes and read down eh. It mean a lot to me 🙂

Ooookay and where do I begin actually with this one eh ?

How about…. it took me more than three decades to be hit with this one – the heart wants what the heart wants.  Thanks to Shidi who cracked my head with this amazing lovely phrase.  He today, writes a piece on the very same matter. This is what he thinks, read THIS for his view, indeed in a different perpective.  And I must admit here that he writes such a beautiful piece on that same phrase. Read up his and right on below is mine.

When the times are low and everything seems to be falling apart, I would seek advice.  In return, very often I am seeked for an opinion and advice as well.  I like to think that I am a good listener and a shoulder to cry on for I care about people a lot. I do really. 

Looking back, I must have said a lot.  

It does not matter if you drop the balI, I said one day, it is how you pick it up, is important.  It makes perfect sense, even the truth is, it can be so hard at times to ‘pick up the ball’.

Many times, all I feel like doing is to bury myself under the duvet and never come out. I refused to pick up any ball neither do anything !! But thankfully that as many times as well,  my fear of passing up a good opportunity of being happy in life always overcomes my need to hide.  Then I conclude, there are worse things than failing, one of which is – simply not trying !!

Anyways, it takes a lot of energy to deal with what we want in our life. Being human afterall, our desires towards wanting is unlimited. There is almost no end to it.  Every waking day, we want new things in life. Correct me if I am wrong there eh.

Why does it nothing is ever good enough and why wont we stop at one point??  Perhaps, this is our challenge.  Right there – to be able to tell ourselves when enough is just enough. Full stop.

I once said to a friend, we compromise a lot of things in life. We even compromise our happiness. In return, he said – I wont compromise when it comes to happiness.  Hmmm… I would say, I would though.

On a different day, I said to a different friend who was all sad and gloomy.  I said to her, happiness is not for us to measure darling, it is for us to feel.  It breaks my heart to see her like so sad and down like that. How miserable life can be at times eh.

I told her, nobody can make you happy, but yourself.  Go ahead and pursuit your happiness. At times, happiness will be far from your reach, rest if you must but dont you quit I would say further.

Still looking sad, she spared me that empty look. At that moment, I wish I have that magic wand and give her the happiness that is dued to her.

I am clueless. 

What else does she want?

Then Shidi said this to me, Hani.. what the heart wants is what the heart wants…

God what was I thinking, no amount of my words and my advice would heal a heart. Any heart at all. I realized that now. Because he is right all the way – THE HEART WANTS INDEED WHAT THE HEART WANTS !!

For a moment, I put a silent and in my heart, I have this pray that Allah The Most Merciful would bless us with His blessings for us to be happy, let it be small or major.  Just a bit of happiness would be a good start.

Till today, that phrase is still banging in my head and I said, gosh thats it !!

11 Replies to “The heart wants what the heart wants”

  1. Salaam.
    Waduh! that’s some heavy *shit* (pls excuse the slang!). i’m faced with this predicament too. You see, my heart is really hooked on the Canon EOS 1D Mark III but my pocket refused to give in. Care to empathize with my problem?.
    i have few very simple *rules* in life. No 1, if i drop the ball, let it be. No 2, have many balls in your life so that you wont missed any if you drop one.
    Have a nice day.


  2. Meaningful phrase!
    No matter wat has been said or the mind speaks or even judged by others – my heart wants what my heart ‘silently’ wants…hihihii


  3. well said dear ms.President…hahahaha
    rynn dearie.. if u read this.. take note for next year’s agenda
    btw.. bantal kekabu & cotton towel – no more in the list..


  4. I had too many balls in my head everyday. I will try my best to kick the balls into the net. For sure tak akan semua boleh masuk kan. You will win and also must accept lost. This normal life hukum karma punya hal. Not everybody is perfect, Allhamdullilah, until now I am not complaining of what I have dan apa yang I tak dapat selama ini.


  5. Well said there eh
    Let us all look forward for the best
    And never once forget syukur for what we had
    Life is about getting some
    and loosing some afterall
    Have a nice day 🙂


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