My friends, my life

It was over breakfast coffee
I sat down with Miza and Iman
Bragging about life
Talking about friendship
The girls listened and I am glad

I told them

Many friends would definitely come and go
And they can fiiled up the whole kargo
But, looking back to those years
One heart will tell, who would stay
Who would turn and go

Indeed I told them
How far my friendship has blossomed
We passed many things minds cannot imagined
We shared tear and laughter, cant tell the difference
For happiness and sadness are our friendship
And we are grateful we had them !

To both Iman and Miza
May you two will have the same kind
Friends that just wont let you go
And sailed through all the barricades

Hani @ Nov 3, 2008

We had a marvellous food (loads of them) and a blasting time !!! 😀

8 Replies to “My friends, my life”

  1. very touchy la dear..huhu…anyway thanks to all dear frenz for the friendship that is still there..for after how many years arr… almost 20 yrs…warghhh…rasa tuanya kita…..are we????


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