Explain holiday?

Dont know about other mommies and daddies out there, but why is it everytime school holiday, the holiday does not mean ‘holiday’ for us eh? hmmmmm.

Me for one is overdosed  with busy-ness comes school holidays. Sori kids. But as you counting days to your school holidays, I am like counting days when is it going to be over 😀

No doubt, I am like glad that everyone is at home. Right in front of my very eyes…

This weekend for example is supposedly to be a weekend to rest and rilex for me but instead, heck no huh. 

Not to mention the next weekend and the very next… hmmm now I suddenly feel time is no longer flying 🙂 but crawling instead ?? Ahaks.

Ok ok, let me stop bragging while wishing my gentle and lovely readers here the loveliest weekend ever.  Till next time it is eh.

Got a movie to catch…. roger and out 😀

Dont take my pija..


I was updating my digital last nite that again, stumbled upon this cutey.

He is huuuuuugeeeeeely adorable, isnt he? 😀 Oh guys tell you, you have to meet him in person for real… you will love him !!! He is super cool and manja. And he is no other but my most lovingly anak sedara, Eusoff Ammar belongs to my lil sis, Awa  (read up her piece on our BBQ recently) .  May Allah, The Most Forgiveth showers His much love for him and us all.

Just in case you were wondering what is that thingy inside his tiny mouth?  Well, this boy was enjoying his piece of pizza, too big to swallow and simply refused to allow anybody to touch it neither 😀 hehe

Well enjoy him and have an amazing today eh.

Hazim got his dream PSP

Well, if you ask me, I would have told him, keep on dreaming. Ahaks 😀

But eventually, must be his rezeki afterall that he got his much-dreamed PSP as his birthday present from his dearest Mak Itam and Pak Itam.

He was beyond thrilled !!!

I captured some gambar on the very day itself 🙂



therefore, officially as well, Ipod shuffle dia yang ibundanya 🙂 belikan, bertukar tangan…

Ini tuan punya baru dia… Ish, sampai hati you tau… hua hua hua…


well.. kids, as long as you guys are happy, then I am super duper happier eh 😀

Our Year End BBQ Gathering and A Birthday


It was indeed a very eventful and memorable family year-end gathering for us all in the family. Everybody was there. Laughter, jokes, food and love was all over.

We also had our lovingly mak itam and pak itam and their lovely two adorable girls 😀  all the way from Singapore. Likewise, great family BBQ gathering it was on Saturday last, 22 November 2008.

My lil sis, Awa and hubby have been an amazing host eh.  Thank you keladi leaf-lah..

I, on the other hand took this lovely opportunity since all family members were there, to hold a small birthday do for my beloved son who recently turned 11 years old on 11.11.2008.

We have our syukur for the delish and sumptous food, sillatulrahim and love that was showered and blessed by The Most Kind for us all. Enjoy some of our family photos eh 🙂

Our host..


The yummy yummy… (erks now lapar balik…  hehe)



My usually 3 stooges – Sarah, Syaza and Damia 🙂


My girl and Aunt.


The birthday Do for my son 🙂



Some of our family members that agreed to be photographed 😀

hazim_guest1 hazim_guest2 hazim_quest1 hazim_guest

and of course, our chef for the day, our sporting Pak Itam and the lovely daughter..

hazim_pakitam hazim_kaknana

With this humble opportunity that crossed my path, my gratitute and never ending love to all 🙂  Lets gather again soon eh… ahaks.

My Birthday Boy !!


Again 😀 be introduced, my son a.ka. the birthday boy who is eleven years old already commencing yesterday. Ahaks.

My juniors, eversince Hani into blogging and all, every time I snap gambar, they will be like,…  hah.. ibu nak masuk blog la tuh. Hehe.  And yup, they all DO come and visit and read my blog at every opportunity that arise 😀 Thanks guys.. for your approval and understanding..

So, as I am very sure, my son especially would be coming and visit this post like really soon, this is my birthday thoughts to share with him mostly and perhaps with my gentle readers here as well.

My darling son, as we shared this morning over our routines while waiting for your school van that what actually Birthdays should mean to both you and me.  As Ibu said, birthday is never that joy of spending money for your birthday present, dinner and all.  That is NOT what birthday is all about really. Instead birthday to me and should be to you as well, I said, is like a benchmark. A Benchmark of how far we have come in this life.

As I further said to you, you may be only eleven, but you are definitely no longer 10 years old. You were from yesterday, has become a year older and only wiser. I paused there.

I have also explained in length to you of what WISER means. Gosh darling, hope I was not just bragging but advising eh….

So anyway, Ibu only have my doa for you and hope you had fun listening to your Ipod Shuffle 😀 .

11 on 11.11

My son, Mustafa Hazim a.k.a Abang Ngah  is 11 today.  Alhamdulillah.

My syukur and I thank Allah, The Most Kind every single day of my life for him.

And at 11, like yesterday I realized something ‘grown up’ about him. 🙂

All these while, his dad has always decide when to cut his hair and how the hair was supposedly to look. But these past few weeks, he has been telling his dad on HOW HE WANTS HIMSELF TO LOOK !! ahaks.

So, on Sunday last, right from our ‘big’ breakfast at McDonalds, his Pak Su took him for his haircut and I must say here, he got a total new style of haircut and gosh, he looked different 😀

Nanti eh, I ambik gambar rambut dia yang baru and post it here like real soon. Ahaks.. dah besar anak aku rupanya…

Anyways my darling son,

You are eleven today
And as you are always in my pray
That all will come your way
Guided, son you wont go astray

As you asked me the other day
What am I going to get for your birthday?
As you turned eleven today
Hmmm, I would merrily say
🙂 my endless, never ending pray
Thats my gift for your birthday 🙂

Ibu loves you so tremendously.  What would I do without you eh? 🙂

May you have a blessed lovely day today especially and the rest of your days and years. Amen.