Mama Mia !

Hello guys.

I know I know… I been away. hehe. Been busy 😀 ahaks. So anyway, hope u guys are cool eh.  Starters for today is this movie review below.

My personal review. I only have one word for it – Pergghhhhhhhhhhhhh !!

A friend was recommending and I was like ish best ke? Skeptical. But in the spirit of my ever favourite, Meryl Streep, terjebak la…

And results – go ahead and watch this one guys. Come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Hani 😀 Not to be missed.

Rating : ber ‘star’-star.  Hahahaha. But seriously guys, go and watch !! Worth every penny.

2 Replies to “Mama Mia !”

  1. beb, my sis do encouraged me to watch tis nmovie too. will go and watch but dun know when..anyway thanx for the info. send my hug an kisses to all your kids..take care


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