The Shoe? and Afgan

Today did not kick off quite right.  Did not remember getting up on the wrong side of the bed though.  I even cancelled my plan to go to Metrojaya Warehouse Sale today!   Argggghhh.  Been gearing for it for almost a week and got cancelled on the very day itself !

Therefore, I forsee my day would be gloomy.  God, I hate that.   So, off to buy the shoe that I saw yesterday ke?  I might feel better eh.

Another quick thingy is this guy, Afgan. Indonesian singer. I quite recently be introduced to him by a friend. He must be new, and since my office has ‘kindly’ block most URLs so, cant access to YouTube at the moment to post the song 😦  but guys, listen up to this, suara pergh macam Brian McKnight, wa cakap lu. Best giler. At this moment, I tengah layan this song, Terima Kasih Cinta. 

Hmmm… 😀

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