Raya, again?

😀 hello guys. Like honest, I missed my baby here and I missed you.  Lamanyer macam tak ada update. Ahaks. Macam bercinta le pulak.

But anyway, the weekend last, h*** busy maxima for me. Its like God… penatnya ! But to end the weekend was yesterday-lah, like as much as you got sick and tired of reading it, its probably how sick and tired I am of my cooking routines. Hehe. (I suka sebenarnya – am I the confused soul here).

Anyways, I had another round of masak masak open house la kunun yesterday. This time round for my Kelantan nieces, nephews and my cucu cucu saudara (God, hmmm I sound so old …).

Not forgetting my juniors’ friends families as well who came, and like honest -thank you for coming tuan-tuan dan puan puan 😀  Hope you guys had good food and good time 🙂

What I cook?  See these eh.




Noted how super tireddddd I look. Oh and yes, I was…  Sigh.

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