Welcome Aboard Darl

Welcome  FAIZ  to the world of blogging and blogspotting 😀 . hehehe

But like honest this college friend of mine yang kepala ada sikit tak betul nih just great. Ada bakat terkambus rupanya sahabatku.

I been quite ‘busy’ this couple of days and like tak sempat jengah to my admin page, but today like feel like leaving bit of bye bye note for the weekend and im like seeing some referral from one blogspot, so I pun ter-click and taaa….daa…. oh tidak.. sahabat aku rupanya 😀

So, do singgah guys at her blogspot, like I mean it, she is just simply amazing at it. She linked me to hers so as thankfulness gesture, I am going to link hers like soon kay.

With this tiny note, have a lovely weekend people. Besok banyak betul open houses rite, but to my dear friend Faiz, see ya tomorrow babe…

Roger and out.

3 Replies to “Welcome Aboard Darl”

  1. hei ha dearie…thanks ar…kind of like promoting my blog..hehe..u guys sure had fun at sherry’s kan.. i really wanted to be there..but u know la.. last minute invite..(sherry mmg nak kena ketuk nieh)..hujan lagi in KL..and u know the traffic jam was like @*#!^%….tue yg argghhh…. i cannot make it..huhu…anyway, wish to get together at ryn’s on the 1st nov, right? take care dear…mmmuuah…


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