Like honest, I do not have cousins.

Hence, its extremely exciting for me that my juniors have like tons of cousins, both my side and the dad side.

These few photos were taken yesterday when we all sumer pergi ‘berhari raya’ di Ikea dan Ikano 😀 . Ahaks.  Oh guys, I discovered one shop there, Brand Outlet. So  much rumour 😀 I heard about it and landed there finally yesterday. Cool place it is I think.  So, ter’grab’ lah beberapa menda for myself and kiddies. And yeah, I had my Singaporean relatives with us for the weekend berhari raya , so grabbed for them as well-lah.

Enjoy the gambar eh. These girls are my ‘dangdut’ princesses by the way – my usual Sarah and Syaza and of course their beloved cousin, Damia.  They are the three stooges in our family…

I wish I have many many cousins myself. I think its cool. And my kids, I tell you, they have like sooooooooooooooooo many of them. Nice eh.  Come hari raya especially, I will notice lah because this is one time when I can actually count with the number of angpow raya yang keluar. Ha hahahha 😀

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