My Small Raya Open House


To begin with, I have missed Somethin’ Light greatly and I have missed you guys especially 🙂 and Ive been super tired.

Just taking a quick break here to share some photos of my Raya Open house that I had on Saturday last.  Unplanned one tho. Ahaks.  It was just a small do ‘supposedly’ for our adik beradik, close family  members and few of my better half’s close friends.

My buddies, worry not.  We will have one soon kay.. 🙂

Menu : I cooked my’ ‘famous’ Mee Soto 😀 (kasi can aa Hani perasan sikit, I also cooked spaghetti (lots and lots of them), I had nasi himpit and lemang with my specially ordered serunding daging all the way from Kelantan and I also cooked bubur pulut hitam for dessert. Yummy yummy.

Penat? Jangan cerita but like honest, I am so happy at the same time to have saudara mara and friends to celebrate Eid with us. Hence need to be mentioned here that I had great help from my anak sedara Nini who happened to  make her transit at my place before going back to her college for the weekend in the ‘washing the pinggan mangkuk department’ 😀

I had some photos to share, but poorly snapped by my amateur photographer, Hazim, so these are the best that I can gather.

I am happy that everybody had a good time and good food. Alhamdulillah.

The first and the second chefs. 🙂 yang kepenatan selepas mengemas dan menyusun. Thank you gurl.




4 Replies to “My Small Raya Open House”

  1. see the food pun dah tahu sedap .belum lagi makan confirm punya sedap. kalu tak caya tanya sapa yang datang hari tu,sehingga menjilat jari ……


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