My Langsir Raya

As promised, my tiny langsir raya project is officially materialised 😀 .

This is what happened and the results follow suit.  Penat wei..

The two ladies of the house. Ahaks.

Taa Daaa  !!!!!  Its her effort really. Thanks baby.

And the resultsss….. 😀  Sure confirm raya punya lah hari Rabu nih 🙂

My credit also to my princess Sarah for helping out.  She is thrilled.

Oh and this is my Mandur of the day. Why the sad face darling?

6 Replies to “My Langsir Raya”

  1. kak selamat ari raya..cantik curtain too..iza pg gak the end tak bli langsir bli benda lain plak…ahaks..anyway fyi after raya i’ll be going for 6months training..will miss u sooooooooo much!!jgn lupe kiter ek


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