Have some humanity

Least that I want to offend anybody right now while posting this, but I got a feeling I might anyway, so what a heck.   And I want to do this in brief.

Many of us do, by using fear, authority, money or knowledge direct and dictate against one will or better judgement. This abuse is honestly an affront to human dignity.

As I am writing this short and consice as possible, so that not much thinking is involved in some brains – As conscience is our guide, please decide.

And God, I had and my syukur Alhamdulillah for that decision, that I actually took quite some time back.  As at this very very moment, I am so fu***** relief. Out of chest, out of mind.

Fuh…. 😀

And as I am anxiously looking forward for  a happier tomorrow, my langsir is arriving tomorrow all the way from Nilai 3. Yaay…. cant wait.

And also, my baby Miza is coming home from her school tomorrow for her raya break with us. Err Dad, shall we eat out tomorrow… ahaks. 😀

While, feeling sad 😦 that some beloved friends of mine travelling back to kampung already tomorrow. Safe journey home eh.  Until we meet again it is…

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