As I recalled Life

I was remembering raya and childhood today.  Cant really recall much tho, but it did bring a huge grin with tiny sayu feeling inside my heart.  God, I have came very far from childhood as I am writing this. Very very far and surviving life.  All of us do anyway.

As I was checking myself in the mirror today making sure that my collar is straight and my colour matches, I was almost seeing my childhood days through it as the image in the mirror detaches.  In my amazement, I saw myself in my childhood days in my usual style, doing things that I normallly do, saying the things that I usually say and feeling what I usually feel. And I am still doing it till now – just being myself.  In a  different perspective may be, but what I do, say and feel today is indeed very much still the same from my chilhood days and has shaped whoever I am.

We all make mistakes as part of our learning, Not sparing me also.  And I know I will make a lot more in the future and I will always learn something from it, I am sure. Till probably the time when I am due to go.

What important in my life is to be happy and make those around me happy as well. To be loved and love those with me.  Love in my opinion, is a verb and not merely just a feeling. Love to me is something that we act, not just something that we feel and I sincerely do hope that my better half, my kids, my family, my beloved buddies feel all the love around me and you.

Now that is heavy huh.  But what important for me today is that I want to inspire my courage, my confidence and my feedom to live my best life !. Even I must say, childhood days are still the greatest !!

Okay, now why did I write all those above again ?? hmmm, feel like it, may be.

Well anyway, take care people. Have a good iftar

6 Replies to “As I recalled Life”

  1. Salaam.
    If you can still remember your childhood days, then be very happy for you have not gone senile…ha ha. Unlike some of us ‘senior citizens’, we can’t even remember what we had for sahur earlier today let alone what we did last week. BTW, are you incommunicado with your ex-Boss? i cant imagine you have forgotten him, ha ha.
    Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Eidul Fitri.Maaf Zahir Batin.


  2. Like you said, thank god for im not senile just yet eh
    and nope, I have never forgotten him
    I am simply praying for his happiness and good health
    let it be from far, for the time being at least 🙂
    thanks for dropping in
    And my salam raya to you and family as well
    Maaf Zahir & Batin


  3. Psssttt…

    You didn’t catch my attention till the part about Love. I guess we have minor differences there.

    I see love as nothing more than just a feeling. It is however that feeling that gives us strength, as well as weakens us. That feeling that make us smile and brings us tears. It is the feeling that we don’t want to let go, when we it brightens us. The feeling that we don’t want to have when we are in despair.

    Just my two cents, there 🙂

    P/s: I need to visit your blog more frequent, seems like you updates it very often.


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