My Langsir Raya Project

Hani says this, Once a woman, forever we will be 😀

How come? coolest example for the day – yours truly 😀 !. My better half been sort of asking me do I want to decor our home for raya this year and I was like naaahhhhh…  I got sejuta of other things in mind to deal with for Ramadhan, and now I need to think about my raya preparation?  You got to be kidding me or what…

But then, I am still normal woman afterall huh.  Change of heart, change of mind so suddenly. Like yesterday morning-morning, me and few more of my species (ahaks) landed at Nilai 3 for our Langsir Raya Project 🙂

Eventually, I was late yesterday and was in a hurry and left my phone at home. I tot of snapping some gambar and share with you guys how crazy these women can be come raya and our raya preparation afterall huh. Told ya – once a woman, forever will be laaaa…

Towards noon, god that many people there already shopping for their langsir raya ! I tell you. To be quite honest, I am not very much into Nilai 3- and stuff and hardly go there. In fact, this is my ever first raya to find my  langsir there. Heard about the craziness over that side tho, so this year, I actually witnessed it with my own eyes.

As for mine supposedly just a minor project raya, I never intended to do the langsir for the whole house pun. Tidak tersenarai di dalam budget raya tahun ini… hehehe.

To my dearest buddies who are now smiling while reading this and wondering, hear this – I only change the Day Curtains.  Like I said, just a minor project.  A very nice olive green this year for my day curtains … And hmmmm 😀 terjebak sedikit menukar langsir for my wonderful princesses room as well –  a lovely stripe soothing pink this year darlings.

To my better half, 😀 – you are the best eh. Now I feel like ‘raya’ing… Do you?

Have a good monday guys.

5 Replies to “My Langsir Raya Project”

  1. Dear,
    Shuld b going to Nilai 2 for more better choices of colours, design, quality and much2 cheaper prices too but it seems dat u have made the choice and indeed it must be a nice one 🙂


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